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If You'Re Lost

Rating: 5.0

If you're lost by someway It means that something happened to you. You look, for example, for something to get it or To reach a place you spend all your day looking for. You walk and walk until you're so exhausted and tired, then When you're so upset You tend to ask people here and there, Some people will tell you this way and Some other people say the other way, You go this way and you're still lost and You go the other way and you're still lost. You're fully lost and disappointed, but You never give up because you have no choice. This life around you is a big loss and you have Been lost in it without your pretty choice. We're all lost in this hard life because We are like this and got a nasty dead end. Life is a big mess around you, so You get lost amid its high waves. Being lost, just have some patience Because you will more and more in its rough sea. The dream of loss is hovering over your head Like a lost dove looking for a place to rest. Getting the experience of loss and the experience Of being lost tend to into the world of loss. If you're lost somewhere, do not blame on people, But put all the blame on you and where you are. If you're lost one time, try to learn a lesson That you should not be lost next time. Life is hard and full of loss, but all you Need is your courage and patience.