Frank Bana

Immutable - Poem by Frank Bana

The beauty of an equation as it curves
Held in balance by the equals sign
The swell of breast, belly and waist
The joy of reconciling
As the ledgers fold
For one more year, on one more time

The books close on the vastness
Of an emotional life, loves met
Souls touching in the infinite
Mourned as lost, then found
Reduced by naked numbers
Through statistics and accounts

Unclothed, disrobed by binary
Sequence in the black and white
Where feelings dwell in secret realms
The complex duo-decimal
Swims in the algebra
Of all the love we make, more than associates
We are causality -
We cause each other to equate.

Science doesn't care
Or call for disbelief
It wants nothing of our faith
Like a cold, arrogant love
That exists immutably
Beyond futile contest
And all you do, to make some sense -
Submit and then accept.

The Big Bang lasted, so it's said
A fraction of a mili-sec
Sufficient nonetheless
For everything we have been in this world
All green, all growth, construction, birth and death

And for a tiny mili-sec
I was certain and I had the proof
That you loved me; it was enough
And is, will have to be
Immutable as iron law
From which it all proceeds henceforth

Or maybe not. Some scientists
Object to the power of inference
Claim limits to a proof,
They would deny us, even these
Small comforts and assurances.

Therefore: I hold that moment tight
And let that moment rule my life
So when you morph into a star
Leaving me nothing else betrayed
Deleting all the formulae we built
Assumed complacently that we had saved

I will banish every thought
Of our equations from my heart
Instead keeping a steady hold
On you in every atom of my soul.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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