A Distillation... Poem by Frank Bana

A Distillation...

Rating: 5.0

Our poem is a distillation
wrung from common and raw elements
unhusked grains of experience

drops for the journey's flask
caught from barely accessible slopes
of a deep desert well

sweet syrups tapped
from the surface of a long-lived tree
risen darkly from the hidden roots

poetry a hard-won slight reward
preserved, patrolled and guarded
once captured, always held

these works are power for their defenders
like a proof of science
which cannot be unfounded

I laboured most of my life
fifty years and maybe more to learn
to sift so lightly the dirt and stones

and urge to surface from the mass
one translucent gem or two
that could defy for us the vice of time.

Val Morehouse 20 February 2006

Interesting. We seem to be turning the same poetic ground. See my poem: Back To The Land Movement. Val Morehouse

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Lynda Robson 03 July 2008

A very well written piece Frank, well distillated, made me fancy a whisky lol, but I understand what you were aiming for and it works,10 Lynda xx

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Onelia Avelar 15 May 2008

This is a 'very well distillated' mellow poem, like a good wine :) 'wrung from common and raw elements unhusked grains of experience'. Very well composed. I am neither an enologue or a professional poet, but i am a passionate reader :) .

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Anita Atina 05 March 2008

And does the distillation tell us a thing or two about ourselves, reflected in the light of the gem, that help us defy time and maybe, just maybe what fate has in store! You have an exceptional ability to pick out and celebrate a slice of life that many of us take as 'normal' Cheers Anita

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I loved the pace and rhythm of this piece. Your care in composing this verse shows. Peace, L&T

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Ruby Root 06 July 2006

Hi Frank, I find your poetry very intense and strong. You write with great emotion and you a very interesting writer. Take care. Again an excellent poem.

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