Imploring For The Cessation Of Insanity Poem by Paul Amrod

Imploring For The Cessation Of Insanity

Deaf to the tones of multicultural enthusiasm
Abandoning the thoughts of Mongkut the King of Siam
who ventured to modernistic concepts of true expansion.
Expressing an open heart for our erudite Occidentalism
as his buddistic patience received our avid attention.
The freedom of delving into the realm of innovation
seeking theorems from loquacious earnest visionaries.
Is not this the path of enlightenment to ultimate glory?
Pedantically pompous rigidity has no vivid duration
while an impulse from the Muses brings legendary
impressions upon our youth acclaiming their own story.
The meaninglessness of a ritualistic secret society
is a repugnant insult; a collective in the contrary.
Each persona is a unique universe with an obligatory
mission as a self-thinking contributor of propriety.
Following the criminalistics of an autocratic derogatory
monster who is exempt from critique leads to a mortuary.
Therein lies the ghouls of discombobulated perversity
holding the naïve captive in a detrimental detention.
The futility of a blindsided argument concocting a schism
is the antithesis of productivity obliterating with tension.
Exercising vehemently out of bondage brings diversity
with eclecticism heralding an emancipated suspension.
Notwithstanding this elevation the Reps burst the balloon
to bleed on the sidewalks of a Pleasant Valley Sunday.
This status symbol land embodies a filthy adversary
who robs his supporters' account parading as a tycoon.
The pandemic brought inflation though transitory
easing with building back better amongst this affray.
Nonetheless the blockades are petty and picayune
showing dependence on lobbyists who like mercenaries
plunder with influence forcing the slim majority into disarray.
Embarrassingly succumbing to Manchin's wishes will soon
set this fracking world on fire with wickedly inflammatory
remarks creamed with his fossil fuel brothers so opportune.
Disrespectful jargon spewed from senatorial insanitary
anthropoids trample poor Garland provoking an array
of dysfunctional catastrophic atmospheres of anxiety.
The respect lost he will emphasize as he evidently eschews
this manner of dispute resulting in a scandalous notoriety.
Pushing the red button on Bannon with the notably necessary
indictment is obviously the boulevard to the accusatory
rhetoric for Stone, Flynn, Eastman and Clark and the variety.
Soon the orangutang from Mar-a-Lago will regurgitate the coup
as his War Room colleagues lick their blisters horrifically gory.
The discovery of Rolling Stone exposes members of Congress
who inevitably posed as Saviours of the Republic with a piety
to the instigator of our darkest day in America's history.
Friends of the Oath Keepers who promote their recessionary
dogmatic manipulation are like the cult figure of contrariety.
Dishonestly propagating inequity like the murderous KKK
these rednecks won over Mister Barr and the judiciary.
Healing the wounds of this nightmare needs an oratory
of extensive length with an attentive entourage to convey
the urgency of a pluralistic viewpoint which has gone astray.
The irony of democracy lies in the distance for a wary
population who has been hoodwinked into a mandatory
citizenship while working for a vast machine in dismay.
Being victimized instead of liberated; Is this a honorary
path of making no ripples or riding on top of a wave?
Therefore the admiration of a thoughtless bumbling baboon
who poses as a game host offers no new roads to truly pave.
We all wish for our grandchildren a world so jovial and merry
presenting them with a flourishing attitude. Determined to save
our planet giving birth to rushing brooks and elegant estuaries
flowing into the paradisal Nature we all cherish. Joyfully attuned
to the melodies of our songbirds as this symphony we must crave.
Egalitarian thoughts will prosper as we share wonders and commune
in peaceful remembrance of our celestial habitat, our sanctuary.

Monday, November 1, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: social injustice,political
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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