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In Any Cold Winter

Rating: 4.3

Winter is wonderful and pretty, but It costs too much money yearly Simply because we need to buy more stuffs Like sweaters, shawls, woolen plovers, thick pants, More firewood or electric heating devices, ..., ..., ... Although Winter costs too much money, but We love it so much Simply because we see it through windows With heavy rains or heavy snows... We sit gladly around fireplaces to enjoy Watching Winter's movies or eating all Winter's stuffs Like roasted chestnuts, oranges, hot teas, ..., ..., Winter is unique in its coming Although it comes sometimes cruel and hard With its different phenomena like flash floods or blizzards... We love all Winter's days Although they're short and cruel... We love old seniors to tell us their tales and Their stories about certain people or different things... We all sit together to enjoy that special warm nights Beside stoves, fireplaces, or heating devices... All Winter's days and nights are great, wonderful, and unique Although they sometimes bring hard times to us... We all love all Winter's pretty images of heavy rains, heavy Snows, cold days and nights, and even we love sometimes Its cruel happenings... ______________________________________________________________________

Monday, December 29, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: winter
Aftab Alam Khursheed 29 December 2014

Enjoyment for rich and agony for the poor nice write Skati thank you

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