In May Poem by Gillena Cox

In May

The sounds of May,
Sunlight crescendos,
More eagerly birds frolic;
Even louder than days preceding.

Bouquets of carnations,
Deep reds, pinks, whites;
Petal by petal aligned,
To patiently queued buyers.

The taste of a toast,
Of sparkling wine from,
Vineyards vast and distant;
No harried haste to savor.

Swirling strips,
Furls of hemlines,
A folk tradition ebbs;
The whirligig of paper confetti.

More than twenty blackbirds,
Trip lightly through the grass,
Seeking out micro food;
Only a grackle's beak will tweak.

Beginning May, May day;
Of yester years echoes,
In procession labour,
Silent wreaths adorn their struggle.



Such a struggle even for the few who care of the many..yet in may they the score to brighten up the world for all to see..happy are the leaves that move in the breeze...C.A.

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Catrina Heart 20 May 2009

Dazzling animated words written.................a great descriptive piece........10

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Hebert Logerie Sr. 20 May 2009

The sounds of May: Sunlights crescendos, echoes, blackbirds and even the bouquets of flowers make some types of inaudible murmurs of beauty. Beautiful.......

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Hazem Al Jaber 20 May 2009

on may.. all flowers will bloom.. all birds flies from its happiness.. on may, , a love come to us, to give us more love.. so beautiful my dear sweet poet.. hazem al..

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