September Musings Poem by Gillena Cox

September Musings

Rating: 5.0

Through bars of engine roars, a tiny chirp;
The early breath of day, slowly haled within usurp;
Even more than a physical hunger have we,
Poets to sate the inner gnawings become thee;
Silent watchful ones in searching introspection,
Like flowers innately beautiful from creation;
A song sings of the dawn, to a sleep muted cloud;
Resonating in spurts of motor vehicles loud;
Autumn winds of the warm Atlantic storm,
As the season deepens becomes the norm;
The turbulent swing of terrorism too, remember;
As the flames of candle light outlive the ember;
Healing willed in life cycles, the loss and the pain;
Respect for life in peace to gain
Morning dew crafts a jewel on the leaf of life,
Promised to an end of strife;
Tease for an appetite of life anew;
But din of callous disrespects eschew,
A kind of man, a species he,
Determined not to live in harmony;
For to love, is to yield power unto another;
From a field vast and wide an in coming zephyr,
Tosses and tumbles from a soundless bundle,
Of experiences drafted like a Milky Way trundle,
Willed to the spirit of motion without rhythm;
Life without love, without yielding, without a lesser;
Without colour, without a poem, without a flower;
Motion, movement, sway, wind, debris
A musical score; engine roar and chirpy chirpy.

wael karameh 26 September 2009

A really wonderful poem in all aspects... I will try to follow your nice poetry from now and on... wael karameh karameh.

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Patti Masterman 26 September 2009

This poem feels like it has a slow power building up. I liked the line, 'Of experiences drafted like a Milky Way trundle, ' because it's so original and different. I like the way you pour out yourself into a poem and everything else disappears for a brief time.

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wonderful poetry.. nice.. you got words that are not in my vocab to make the rhymes perfect! nice poem

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rago rago 29 September 2009

well crafted and beautiful write............

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John Mcmanus 16 October 2009

A very fine poem with lots of vivid imagery and the word blend seamlessly, well done.

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Roxy Gonro 12 October 2009

I really like how descriptive this is, and just how you say and put your words.

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Joseph Poewhit 02 October 2009

Words swirl around like a kaleidoscope

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Trade Martin 30 September 2009

Very well done Gillena. You've utilized lots of fresh language and rhymes. Keep up the fine work. Best regards, Trade.

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Marieta Maglas 29 September 2009

nice symbolistic poem, very well written....10+++

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