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1950, born to Mary Stroude and Job Mitchell in St. Georges Grenada; migrated to Trinidad around age four to five. Spent a brief spell in Caroni then we moved to Chaguanas; i was sent to live with my Aunt Olive and Uncle Eyrie in Prince Street, Port of Spain during my mother's pregnancy with my first sister. In Port of Spain i attended, Eastern Priv ...

Gillena Cox Poems

Sand And Water

Returning to shore,
An ocean and its secrets;
To ebb the curiosity of quotidian being,
Whose essence thirst for far off adventures;

Just Because

That time of year once more
When the bracts turn red
On the poinsettia
When every one want

We Lowed

I knew not, where from they came
but from the mouths of all
The story was the same
Nazareth in Gallilee,

Haiti's Pain

Toussaint, Henri, Des Salines;
Are you watching?
Dont turn your eyes away;
Their pain, is our pain, is your pain;

A Happy Time

A jolly time a happy time,
Of evergreen and bare branch lights;
When a smile cost less than a dime,
And the willing clink of a coin sounds;

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Allemagne Roßmann 20 May 2009

Beautiful write with the right choose of diction and allegories.

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