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Returning to shore,
An ocean and its secrets;
To ebb the curiosity of quotidian being,
Whose essence thirst for far off adventures;

That time of year once more
When the bracts turn red
On the poinsettia
When every one want

I knew not, where from they came
but from the mouths of all
The story was the same
Nazareth in Gallilee,

Toussaint, Henri, Des Salines;
Are you watching?
Dont turn your eyes away;
Their pain, is our pain, is your pain;

A jolly time a happy time,
Of evergreen and bare branch lights;
When a smile cost less than a dime,
And the willing clink of a coin sounds;

Is there a moon out tonight?
That lovers may sway at its sight
And tomorrow the tides ebb and flow
In ethereal communion.

Through bars of engine roars, a tiny chirp;
The early breath of day, slowly haled within usurp;
Even more than a physical hunger have we,
Poets to sate the inner gnawings become thee;

Early nightfall, a blue moon,
The year ends with a suprlus;
Tigers waltz to new year's tune,
Claws and teeth hide in the gait;

Early dawn's curtain,
Drawn to reveal rain showers,
And a pertinent absence of birdsong;
The hum of a motor engine;

Yes somewhere a tear rolls down the cheek,
Of yet another him or her or them pursuing,
The nirvanic dream of which so many speak,
With echoes trapped deep in sounds ensuing;

They danced like fairies, under the lamps;
An unstringed mobile in a windless dawn;
A stream of morning consciousness swamp,
Etheral stillness, mesmerizing rhythm,


Have you ever
Wished you could
Swing on the

Mary, avemaría;
El un escogido por Dios,
Mary, avemaría;
bendijo para ser su esposo


He did proclaim
His coming and His name

Blue, grey, silver, white;
Sky can choose, as he so pleases.
Whether the temperature be cold or hot,
It matters not too much;

Along the riverside,
I watched the cadence
Of water; ripple, ripple,
In a continuous meandering;


The sounds of May,
Sunlight crescendos,
More eagerly birds frolic;
Even louder than days preceding.

Descend into your creative self!
That fertile place of being,
Like the potters shop;

What a wondrous day of bright sunshine
To lift hearts of every living being beneath
Yet such is not the case of this one hine
Who slips away in cloud covered sheath

You tease, where i thought you would,
Appease, my every unmeasured sense;
Waves, approaching in torrents; I stood
At the shoreline, carrying a stick of incense.

Gillena Cox Biography

1950, born to Mary Stroude and Job Mitchell in St. Georges Grenada; migrated to Trinidad around age four to five. Spent a brief spell in Caroni then we moved to Chaguanas; i was sent to live with my Aunt Olive and Uncle Eyrie in Prince Street, Port of Spain during my mother's pregnancy with my first sister. In Port of Spain i attended, Eastern Private School - a nursery school. My Port of Spain stay was short, then back to Chaguanas. I have a hazy memory of my father taking me on his bike to another nursery school in, Chaguanas. Then i was signed into Seereram Memorial Hindu school, which was on the street where we lived, the headmaster lived next door to us. I attended the Saint Phillip and St James Roman Catholic church; there, i received the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation. Though Seereram Memorial Hindu school was not a nursery school; my first really 'big school' attendance was at Chaguanas Government School, way down in the Woodford Lodge area; a very long walk to and from school; from there i passed my Common Entrance Exam, and was placed in 1962, to The San Juan Government Secondary School in Saddle Road, San Juan; spending five years with an extra year's call back for some students of which i was one. I entered the world of work in June 1968 as a temporary clerk one in The Ministry of Works, Stores Branch which was situated in London Street, Port of Spain. Worked in different ministries, then after application, got into the Central Library at Queens Park East. 1971; i moved to an apartment in Sydney Street, Port of Spain. Also in 1971, August, i got married to Anthony Cox. We have a daughter, Yanda 1971; and a son Khama,1973. In 1972, we moved into our home in St James. In 1978 Anthony had a hankering to broaden his horizons, and considered so to do, by leaving to study art in New York. I remained in Trinidad with my responsibilities as a mother, part time studies, and my public service career in libraries; up until my retirement in 2003, from The Library - Ministry of Planning and Development of the Financial Tower, Independence Square in Port of Spain. In 2003, i became a member my church choir in St James; St Mary's Senior Choir. As a retiree i continue to deepen my poetry writing hobby via internet groups and webs. In 2007 i had my first solo publication a book of haiku poems titled 'Moments' published by authorhouse UK. As a hobbist i delved into crochet - garments, bedspreads, tablecloths, doilies; theatre going, fine art exhibitions, but today poetry and photography tops my list. Though still married, i live alone, i have one grand daughter(born 2012) (updated September 2014))

The Best Poem Of Gillena Cox

Sand And Water

Returning to shore,
An ocean and its secrets;
To ebb the curiosity of quotidian being,
Whose essence thirst for far off adventures;
Hidden in recesses of secured consciousness;
While gulls dive with their bird determination;
Each beakful, each morsel,
A hunter’s bounty received to honour a life,
Of existence, and of predestined creation;
Continuing in abeyance, a ritual union of creator,
Universe patterned, charted, set on a course definite;
Defining, freedoms and functions,
All bottled up, tossed in swirling times and waters;
Mysterious lands and oceans;
Touching and going, toing and froing;
Assignment, there, at the shoreline.

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Allemagne Roßmann 20 May 2009

Beautiful write with the right choose of diction and allegories.

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