! ! In Praise Of Ego Poem by Michael Shepherd

! ! In Praise Of Ego

Rating: 2.6

In carefree, laughing, joyful mood –
let’s praise the ego, to its face!

Our most faithful mate throughout our life;
with us longer than our parents or our children are;

at our heels at all times, proud of head and tail,
saying to the world that ‘I belong to him! ’;

faithful as a dog; and cunning as a cat;
between them, running our un-mastered lives;

(and like the cosy purring cat you stroke upon your lap,
ego's the secret dark night-hunter, out to kill all life..)

ego, more awake than we ourselves,
never missing a living moment;

every heart-beat an opportunity;
sharper entrepreneur than any city slicker:

‘what’s in it for me? ’; there is no trick,
no turn, no market swing, that ego can’t exploit and profit from;

so let’s praise ego to its face; see the Creator’s own full force,
brilliant and magnificent, manifested, used, in ego’s skills…

but know, and know we know, its lifetime’s bitter secret:
for all its skills, its energies are stolen fuel…:

moment by moment sapping secretly,
the consciousness, the wisdom, happiness,

that seem just out of our elusive reach..
So – as we watch a child, so innocent,

playing its merry games of fantasy,
running round itself in playground and in park,

we laughing in parental love, sing out those magic words:
‘I’m watching you…! ’

Michael Shepherd 04 November 2009

Thanks, Fay - I've added a warning couplet anent the 'dark side'..

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Fay Slimm 04 November 2009

The intelligence, the trickery and the brilliance of Ego well outlined in this humoresque Michael...... but oh how true is the dark result at times to such as the soul....... greetings from Fay.. xx

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Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire
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