In The Darkest Of Shadows Poem by Katellyne Baker

In The Darkest Of Shadows

Rating: 4.8

In the darkest of shadows, you will know who i am,
Only you will never know what i am.
A monster, as most people would say,
as they whine and beg for me to come out and play.

In the darkest of shadows, I Rome
Alone, while my spirit walks on it's own.
Frightened of this thing that i have become, i must do whats right.
To stand up and fight.

In the darkest of shadows,
I will reveal what i am,
But you must not conceal who i am.
I am but a person in your mind,
just one you will never find.

In the darkest of shadows,
people tell me to stay away.
Only because i am a freak
and nothing but a stray.

I have no home, wich is why i
Rome on these empty streets I've known.

In the darkest of shadows, i feel his abuse,
tingling up my spine and my comfort starting to reduce.
Pain...All i can feel is pain and fear
as the creepy man shouts my name as i start to tear.

In the darkest of shadows, i see him glaring in front of me.
With a gun in his hand to shatter thee.

In the darkest of shadows, i hit the ground
as i hear him laugh and hound.
Nothing but a sound
as i feel myself starting to be forced to
conceal what i truly am.
A monster as people would say.

Amy Marie 10 February 2010

The first two lines are truly a great start to your intriguing poem ;)

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Neat and nice, fearful and funny. Thanks for sharing.

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sky dreams 08 January 2010

this is such a haunting poem.. beautifully written with so much depth... you definetely don't write like most 15 year olds, you clearly have a mature mind.... keep writing

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Katellyne Baker

Katellyne Baker

Oxnard, Calirfornia
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