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In The Play Yard

Rating: 4.7

Supervising the small children,
I glance at my watch to see
How long until my break.
My eyes see boys
Maneuvering tiny boats
In a clear, plastic tub in the sandbox:
They see a mighty harbor to navigate,
Traffic moving everywhere
Too important a job for them
To look up even for a second.
I try in vain to see through their eyes,
To know the immediacy,
That I envy so.

Philippa Lane 27 July 2005

A lovely poem. I can visualize the children playing so well. I guess we all have a child in us still if only we can embrace the fact - as you have done writing this for us all to read. Thank you.

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Pamela Davison 26 July 2005

I love your observations, Max. Just the fact that you CAN observe this shows the child in you still lives. Very well done.

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Linda Preston 17 July 2005

Some nice observations here, Max.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 14 July 2005

I detect a touch of discipline in this well done poem. H

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Allan James Saywell 14 July 2005

i like this poem max and when i saw your name i thought the colour blue AJS

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