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Indian Diwali 2013.. - Poem by M.D Dinesh Nair

India is yet again at it
Making a people go mad with joys
-the joys of piercing lights, furious sounds
And a few revived smiles on the faces
As their Diwali comes.

The Good wins over the evil
As the myths have said it in the tales
Told to the masses of the darker continent.
Diwali smiles, nay grins at us
-And it is a time to recoil.

Agreed, a million crackers colourfully burst in an hour,
And a billion diyas burn in a night,
But a million canines shiver in hide outs
And a billion winged friends fly unto scares.
-We call it Diwali.

Agreed, a million mouths laugh aloud
A billion hearts gleam with joy within
But a million foetuses tremble ahead of their times
And a trillion rodents flee to nowhere.
-We Indians celebrate a Diwali.

Sitting 'nowhere' in the skies
`Good`declares war with`evil`omnipresent!
Though no swords are drawn and no war cries are heard,
The battle fields are flooded with blood.
-It has been shed by mortals telling no tales.

A people and their myths are here
Heaping their hopes on the next incarnation
The Lord of Preservation has exhausted all his incarnations
All before these times all in a hurry.
-The new demons get ready to wage new wars with humanity!

Indian Diwali 2013 comes and goes
With a few faces looking blushed and red
We the Indians smile at our human brethren
And look down upon the lesser co-brethren
Who have to fend themselves or perish before us.

In the piles of devastation
We may stumble upon the fossils of `good`
And the corpses of our deities or fiery demons
But who will tell the old tales
When the anecdotes of newer times resound in our ears?

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Indians celebrate DIWALI the festival of lights every year in November.It is a festival to mark the Victory of Good over evil as told in the myth of Lord Krishna killing the demon ruler Narakasura.

The celebration which began centuries ago with the burning of lambs[in the diyas floated on the running waters] has now acquired the dimension of sounds and fury with high decimal crackers being burst for almost four days. The act causes a lot of sound pollution and environmental pollution.

During and after the DIWALI festival of sounds and lights thousands of heart patients are put to immense torture, millions of canines [ both pets at homes and the strays] are made to shiver and flee [ some of them die in road accidents], many birds and rodents are rendered lifeless and innumerable living beings underground perish for ever.

When man hijacks the earth for himself at times and turns insensitive to the life concerns of the other living beings.

Like during the DIWALI in India, if others do celebrate with crackers and fireworks wherever on the globe it may be, it is time to remind themselves of the great WRONG done.

Comments about Indian Diwali 2013.. by M.D Dinesh Nair

  • Kavya . (11/6/2013 4:49:00 AM)

    Sadly the Diwali celebrations have taken an ugly turn today.........known as the festival of lights slowly chaning into festival of sounds as well.....a gud write Sir.......... (Report) Reply

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  • Unwritten Soul (11/5/2013 12:33:00 PM)

    What i know diwali is a day of light festival...i just hope each heart can bright what they have inside and shine the love outside, spirit of diwali to all_Soul (Report) Reply

  • Kanav Justa (11/3/2013 8:53:00 AM)

    A great poem it was.... loved it (Report) Reply

  • Dinesh Nair (11/3/2013 8:52:00 AM)

    ....that smile on the faces has got the look of a terrible compromise madam Valsa.
    Every compromise, if leads to a hidden disaster is obviously an act of hypocrisy, I think.
    Not that there is a concern for the other living beings alone, it is perhaps for the heart patients and the ailing old flocks as well. The impact of this celebration is TERRIFIC ever.
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  • Tirupathi Chandrupatla (11/3/2013 1:47:00 AM)

    The new demons get ready to wage new wars with humanity
    Beautiful poem expressing need to get rid of evils of today. Thank you.
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  • Valsa George (11/3/2013 12:04:00 AM)

    In the glitter of blinding light and the sound of deafening crackers, you hear only the helpless groans of men and other living beings! I appreciate your compassionate heart. But if we brood solely over the darker side of life, can we ever have a lighter moment to enjoy? Celebrations like Diwali, if they lit a smile on some lips and give joy to a few hearts, as long as our celebrations do not encroach upon other's territory and done in a moderate way, let they be there!
    Any way this poem is more beautiful than the beauty of a thousand Diwali diyas! ! A 10 for this! !
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