Assembling Particles Poem by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Assembling Particles

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Scratching at the surface, watching for signs of innate life, still alive and realigning itself with all new properties and designs, fitting themselves into patterns.

Seeing all the depths being fathomed in formulas and equations, becoming particles of a new energy, being assembled inside my mind and being.

Tracing inner thoughts, keeping calm within, yet feeling distraught at times.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
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A creative and.compelling.creation that is mentally.stimulating.

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Daniel Brick 05 May 2015

WOW! What a union of poetry and science you discovered through this poem. And the speaker of the poem could be either a scientist or a poet. The language will fit both disciplines. In fact, let's say the speaker is both a scientist and a poet, like that wonderful writer of the past LOREN EISELEY, who wrote about scientific subjects in poetic prose and about visionary issues with scientific accuracy. He would acknowledge your poem, RoseAnn, as do I across the disciplines.

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Smoky Hoss 10 April 2015

Ah, superb. You speak a voice for the universe in these few, cosmic words! Wonderful poetry, this.

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Bri Edwards 25 March 2014

a little too deep for me i'm afraid. but i saw another one on my way to this one. i'll check that one out. thanks for sharing.. bri :)

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