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Inside A Sadness

Rating: 5.0

I am down inside a sadness that won't leave me alone.
When I think of you and things that you've said
I manage a smile and it makes me free
For a moment, I fly
So far up in the sky
I look up to see the clouds floating by
And I wonder why?
Why this has to be the way that it is?
And I can't be free to follow my Heart?
And see the sun

And all the fun?
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Sasha Anonymous 05 September 2007

a very lovely poem great play of words

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Ying Escalona 05 September 2007

what is time without love, what's hello without goodbye, what's the river without the bend, to guide its flow to where it should end...ask Marco..he knows it all

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Meghan R. 05 September 2007

Hey, I came across your poem title, and decided to read it..And I loved it. This poem is so deep, an so pure. Realy shows your emotions. I love it! I am going to vote this one a 10! Beautiful words. Something i would probably wright about. I also love this title! Keep this wrighting up. I wanna read more from you... -with all my love and blessings, meghan

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