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A better day, a better night.
No tears or fears or even frights.

A flower colors our garden
With many rainbow hues,
Expressing our feelings
In Yellow, reds and blues.

I am down inside a sadness that won't leave me alone.
When I think of you and things that you've said
I manage a smile and it makes me free
For a moment, I fly

Steady breeze blowing flags
Receding brown of greening grass
Single blackbird winging high
A warming Spring gives gentle sigh

Must I face this clear bright day?
With heavy Heart
and sorrowful soul?
The sunlight ebbs and flows

When I breathe are you there?
In the stillness of the house as it settles,
Whether the afternoon drone of distant lawnmower
Or in the burning of a candle late at night,

My emotions run
Like the sea to the shore.
Rising up high
Retreating so low.

In my mind's eye
I could see you there
Physically, mentally, spiritually, sensually.
I could sense something beyond my vision.

The light of day,
Comes soft and grey.
So calm,
So cool.

Rain washed clean
Gentle breeze blows
Through sunlit trees
Under quilted clouds

Here is where I can write,
Beside the running creek,
Standing in the filtered sun,
Feeling the cooling breeze.

I need to choose.
I need to believe.
The truth in your eyes,
The truth in your kiss,

Nothing hides
The damage of time
To one's body

The truth
Is that I love.
It is simply,

How to express that which fills and overcomes all my Soul?
There is a width too wide and a bredth to great to see
But there is also a depth, like over water, can be seen but in truth is so much deeper than it appears.
It cannot be touched only felt.

A voice in the dark.
A sound to be heard.
A vibration of tone.
A dark light of word.

Through the dark green curtains
The snowbright dogwood floats
As a cloud of butterflies
Above the damp sunlit slope.

There are flowers that come only with the rain.
They wait quietly below ground
For the wetness that is delivered.
Then up they come into the light,

I've traveled to many places.
Places I didn't expect to be.
Witnessed the August meteors
From a small Swiss balcony.

Whatever I do
You are behind me
and support my decision.
This gift,

Heather Z. Hanna Biography

Expect to see many places but have learned that where will be a surprize. And what one sees and experiences is the best part of all! Including what one sees and experiences on the internal level. It is an adventure within the mind.)

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A Better Day

A better day, a better night.
No tears or fears or even frights.

I'll wait again tomorrow my friend
I may delight and then to write.

Each day that passes
Is a day to hold onto.

For my outlook is changing.
My worries relieved.

My tears are drying, so onward toward sunlight
And onward toward good.

There may be something more
To be understood.


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James Murphy 15 April 2013

Hello Ms Hanna, I have been attempting to contact you for some time unsuccessfully. I have a client that is interested in purchasing the rights to some of your poems. Could you please contact me at your convienance. Thank you. James Murphy

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Ross Hanna 11 February 2008

I love your poetry. It gives me a wonderful feeling.

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