The Width, The Bredth, The Depth* Poem by Heather Z. Hanna

The Width, The Bredth, The Depth*

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How to express that which fills and overcomes all my Soul?
There is a width too wide and a bredth to great to see
But there is also a depth, like over water, can be seen but in truth is so much deeper than it appears.
It cannot be touched only felt.
It cannot be heard except only with one's own Heart.
It cannot be expressed to satisfaction.

And satisfaction is to paint a picture for others to see with their eyes and feel with their minds and Hearts.

How can this be acheived?

I will write and write and perhaps one day the words will come that will paint a picture so complete,
That there is no question of what I feel...

And it will be understood by others.

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Mary Gordley 03 January 2008

This poem is lovely. Someday, is already here because you have painted a picture worth saving when met with reader's eyes. Thanks so much Heather. Keep up the nice work!

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Jeannie Ann Clark 02 January 2008

Keep seeking knowledge...not any knowledge...accurate knowledge, then: 'one day the words will come that will paint a picture so complete'..keep writing..thank you..

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