Interest And Obsession Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Interest And Obsession

Every time something peaks interest above all else,
that may become an obsession such as movies or even bells.
Deliberation on what obsession is this time, realisation dans like a trap
that fixation fades only when coming to the limits of my interest in rap.

Obsession with interest rates outweigh worries about energy costs,
helping lift the stock market to new highs and hots.
Obsession among incumbent members protective
veils promotion of self-interest under the mantle of collective.

Is an obsession with re-election at the opression?
There's a real danger of making documentary about an obsession.
Of course, if the obsession is sexual,
more interest will be generated than general interest textual.

An intellectual tour is designed to suit everyone,
so show off your synonymous sense of interest and fun.
Here's how the romance is shaping up on private practice
love interest: obsessed with ex-love: malpractice!

New television obsession developing this season
and for years, now developed into an obsession for some reason.
Erotomania personifies a love obsession desire,
putting a whole new slant on the saying crazy in love love fire.

But perhaps the most interesting are those obsessed with love futronic.
Part-time electrifying romancers are fascinated by all things electronic
and has a special interest in particularl likes
showing an interesting obsession, and a collection guarding hikes.

Or possibly it is obsession that there's nothing wrong with as breeze in mist.
To spend the time to keep a lifestyle based on it, is not just an interest.
It's an obsession.
A dangerous obsession, yet again.

The progressive intelligent shows no interest in that question.
The real obsession of the left is in gaining power or, at the very least mention,
from love of beloved inviting the obsession with origins original,
regaining interest to attempt putting this round shape back to nil.

Brighter future respect about having an obsession is quite normal.
Well it's as certain an interest as few have with a bill.
Obsession is not only historically unfounded, evasive position ordinately,
but higher interest rates follows heightened interest obediently.

Hercolena Oliver

Hercolena Oliver

Durban South Africa
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