Internal Clockwork Fantasy Poem by Paul Amrod

Internal Clockwork Fantasy

Rating: 5.0

The subconscious in motion is an internal clockwork fantasy.
The third eye has a mind of its own and directs its magic cinema.
We picture this spectacle as a bystander held in the legacy
of an autonomous display reflecting our cosmic antenna.
The peradventure of these meditative occurrences randomly
proceed portraying an improvisational miraculous agenda
elucidated in a coincidental circumstance of unresolved cadenzas.
We observe passively the passing of images illustriously coinciding
with a kaleidoscopic beatific grandeur amazed with a rhapsody
of perfection encompassing our essence as it is serenely gliding.
Enfranchised by spiritual liberation we astral project subsiding
to the will of Lilith as her willingness is a visitation. A chimera
resembling a rapturous whisper is resolving all tedious dilemmas.
In the absence of trepidation we venture through a galaxy
of bursting pulsars inciting rebirth within virtuously guiding
our evolution to be entrusted in a seraphic and sublime fortuity.
As time ceases to interact as its dimension begins to dematerialize
our godliness exceeds its former state of ambiguous credulity.
Awakened by ancient hands who engender our inherent sagacity
giving us sustenance, livelihood and the ability to idealize,
acquiring fortitude and resilience, regenerating our capacity.
Acting upon these incidences we conceive an incomparable perception
becoming a dream weaver elaborating harmony to crystallize.
Synchronizing the accidental with the incidental the continuity
replenishes its origin begetting the environment to eternalize
these conjunctures illuminating a brilliantly innovative inception.
While chariots of inexplicable missions are with Pegasus riding
we reenact the realization of our occidental conception.
The Venusian insinuations are envisioned as bounteous sensuality
transforming our complacency to ecstatic exaltation providing
a boundless revelry as seductive influences do magnetize.
Enunciations of pure pleasure will resonate to unsurpassably epitomize
the resignation in passion as we lose entirely the command of reality.
Swept with these wondrous winds caressing our living entity
we fathom our subliminal experience as a form of expression
touching our most profound moments. Timelessly we immortalize
the gorgeous rendition of symphonic bliss with the intention
of emancipating our earthliness with superlative supernaturality.
Hallowed is the wandering of our intuitive thoughts as we meander
through these selective encounters enthralled with a grander
scale of imagination exciting our thirst for the ultimate immateriality.
Sequences of scenarios flabbergast our senses as a succession
of extemporaneous theater evokes a group of actors to jovially lionize.
Showering complements upon the entire mirage and optical illusion
we are in perpetual motion freed from bondage ready to mobilize
our voyage into this daydream of euphonics inspired to spiritualize
this universal entourage with devotional praise and accessions.
Initializing a cycle of serendipity we balance the surreality
with the tangible defining this episodic tale in total candor.
Hence the authenticity of our wonderment will galvanize
our awareness to perceive the genuine metaphysical enchanter.

Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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