Interplanetary Insanity Poem by Paul Amrod

Interplanetary Insanity

Rating: 5.0

As I lied down my weary body to bed
Morpheus came to visit me in my dreary head.
Creating a superimposition of various realities
I entered the universe of the living dead.
Pictures came in lighting my fancy
twisting my tired and drooping fantasy.
Depicting a scene of bizarre necromancy
with a Druid standing by a witch's brew.
An ancient voice echoed through my eardrums
pounding out a rhythm for the deaf and dumb.
Unexpectedly I was brought to an iron door
I was asked to open it and was changed forevermore.
An orangutan and a babbling baboon
we're fashioning my midnight noon.
Casting a shadow on a lunar eclipse
like the proverbial dish and spoon.
Playing trills with my fingertips
Jamming with the man in the moon
The juxtaposition just could not support
such a blatant and unruly sport.
So we flew with a flying saucer
to a sepulcher of sacred altars.
However we were scorched in a blaze
by jolting electrifying intergalactic rays.
A Neanderthal then, through a vacuum escaping
remembered his days as an earthling
in an earlier ancient primeval phase.
Drifting through black holes to parallel poles
with gravitational souls as a dark angel plays
as choirs wearing heavenly robes did sing
praises to a celestial Queen and King.
Appearing again was the three dimensional purple moon.
Suddenly the sadly gloom passes as we assume
its fading away at the brink of daybreak
as I try to snatch a glistening swirling snake.
Mystic reminiscences then compose a tune
to accompany dreamers before they awake.
Spreading my wings in total astral flight
Sailing and spiraling with an ethereal delight.
Incredibly wonderfully encircled by Torah's scrolls
Guiding is the drifter quite tangible but elusive.
Experiencing synergy until it is completely exclusive.
Touching down and then swept off my feet
Falling in the arms of Lilith amidst her spirits who extol
So I transform the deeper shade of purple to a Prussian blue
Then unanticipatedly came a pulsar focusing through
a glowing stone of emerald with a majestic cosmic fleet.
Soon the emerald evolved into yellows as a garden blooms
into an earthly Paradise promptly arriving to save me from defeat.
Overwhelming our senses as well as our conscious it consumes.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy fiction
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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