Into The City Of Light. Poem by Michael Walker

Into The City Of Light.

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I went on a three-week camping tour, with Con-tiki,
starting from London, then around central Europe,
many years ago; we were mostly New Zealanders, Australians,
and Canadians, keen to see Europe and its art attractions.
Heading south, we arrived in Paris in the early evening,
when the lights were coming on in the streets,
giving the city a magical atmosphere for my first sighting.
We soon put up the tents and some went out to a night-club.

The young tour managertook us all the main attractions,
like the Louvre, Notre-Dame, the Centre Pompidou and others.
Who goes to slide evenings these days though?
In one slide I am standing, smiling
near the Arc de Triomphe,thinking of Napoleon
France's superman from 1799-1815, who had the Arc built for
his soldiers` victories over various coalitions.
In the other, I am with others from the tour
at the foot of the Eiffel Tower: we had just taken the lift
to the top to get a panoramic view of Paris in the spring.

- 4 November,2014.

Into The City Of Light.
I took this tour in May,1974 with a camping tour firm. It was a lot of fun, seeing new countries and meeting new, young people. Paris was a highlight. I had a look at my slides just the other night.
Evelyn Judy Buehler 11 October 2020

The scenery must have been breathtaking. Lovely poem!

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 21 October 2020

No, I have never been to Paris, which I do regret. From pictures and movies, I know it is very beautiful-and so is the language.

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Michael Walker 21 October 2020

Seeing France for the first time, it was all breathtaking indeed. Have you been to Paris?

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Abhipsa Panda 04 December 2018

A well expressed poem sir

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Simone Inez Harriman 13 April 2017

I enjoyed reading about your travel around London and central Europe. What an exciting and memorable trip for you to see Paris in spring from the Eiffel Tower.

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