Lawrence S. Pertillar
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Irresistible Fiction

A feeding of greed exclusively.
Self servicing a purpose,
Meant to diminish the needs...
Of the ones depicted,
To be impoverish yet provide...
The lifestyles of the rich.
And living with entitlements.
Awarding themselves,
Positions given to defend...
Their pretentiousness!
Is what deceivers,
Are taught and trained to do.
To obtain and gain,
Their wealth.
Off the backs of the poor.

This irresistible fiction.
For the many left to believe,
It is diversity.
And 'minorities' who prevent,
The 'majority'.
You know...
Those with...
Unquestionable values.
Self righteous.
Blemish free.
High on impressions,
And imitations made.
Can say and accuse.
Place blame and to claim,
It is the 'minorities'.
You know...
The ones disenfranchised.
Underpaid yet overworked.
The ones who are true.
And patriots to a country,
Long before thieves arrived.
With the ability,
To fraud, corrupt, steal and lie.
Done to do...
Observed and in public seen.

Have their lives used,
As a marketing tool.
To ensure,
Those mentally insecure...
Will feel better,
About themselves.
If they are portrayed,
To be warriors and heros.
Compensating emotions,
Threatened in the presence,
Whenever truth and facts...
Have begun to be revealed.
With a promising to destroy,
Moats built carefully...
Around their sand castles!
While walking casually,
Along shores.
Romanticing storms.
And warnings of death.

'No one...
Can be 'that' distant.
And that far away,
From reality! '

You must be from Uranus.

'Why that planet? '

It's the only one,
I could think of...
Where your head,
Thoughts and...
Perhaps a homesickness?
Might have kept you away,
From a reality different...
Than even the ones here,
Can be forgiven...
For being,
Functionally dysfunctional.

'What are you talking about?
I am from EARTH! '

Keep your voice down.
I didn't say you had to admit it.
Cover your head.
With that 'hoodie'!
Lean on me as if you're sick.
People are already staring.

'What did I say?
Why are people staring? '

Very few are heard admitting,
They are from Earth.
Even the ones who use to,
Proudly say...
'I'm real. I'm down to Earth! '
Are doing everything possible,
Not to be recognize.
Just keep your head down.
And walk slowly.
I'll get us through this.

'It's not as if...
We are living,
In a reality...
Facing a fiction crisis.'

We are almost close to the exit.
Away from the shoppers.
And out of the mall!

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