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It's The Africa In Me

Rating: 4.8

It’s the Africa in me
that loves the forest in which I wake,
that sees and hears its fauna and flora and revels in their names.

It’s the Africa in me
that you hear in my spirited conversation,
that shakes my shoulders as I sob my sorrows
or laugh my insides, inside-out.

It’s the Africa in me
that keeps me reading poetry deep into the night
and causes me to stroke the sinuous muscles of my striped, domestic cat
and kiss the muzzle of my gently nickering horse.

It’s the Africa in me
that has taught me how to love
and patches up the fragments of my soul after each disaster
and renews my zeal and increases my understanding
in preparation for the next onslaught.

It’s the Africa in me
that has carried me
from my first baby breath
and will support me to my very last.

I am truly a child born of Africa.

(August 1999)

Fabrizio Frosini 06 February 2015

a great tribute to a wonderful Land.. a beautiful ''song''.. each and every line filled with poetry.. Thanks for sharing, Diana - and.. right to my MyFavoriteList

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Diana Van Den Berg 12 September 2016

Wow, Fabrizio! Aren't you one of the 6 great poets that wrote a book with Galina Italyanskaya, a very good friend of mine (and a second book I think too) ? Thank you for your lovely words and for putting it into your Favourite List too.

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Fabrizio Frosini 18 September 2016

thank you, dear Diana. Yep, but I'm 'great' only regarding my 'height'.. since I'm 1,91 cm tall :) BTW, since that 1st collective ebook, we've published 10 Anthologies! :) It would be a honor to have one of your beautiful poems in a nex ebook.. Think about.. ;)

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Bob Blackwell 07 June 2009

Diana, Cindy said it all, thank you for writing this tribute to our land, although I was not born here, I have the same love as you, and could never leave this land.. I am taking this with me. Warm regards Bob

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Karen. 01 December 2020

This poem has resonated with my soul, it is beautiful and I hope you don’t mind but I have used it in my journal

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peace 29 October 2020

i need a picture that explain the peom

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A B Faniki 19 August 2019

Brilliant rhythm and steady flow of words that create an amazing images dat give tribute to africa.

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 16 May 2018

Well's the Africa in me that caused me to read such and expensive African poem...10+

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Thank you very much, Lungelo. I didn't get an Email Notification for this. That is why my reply is so late. Sorry!

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Ggenza ffeza 16 May 2018

true its Africa in me that I search for poems about africa

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