It Was Never Like That

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The habit of laughing
and then crying
It was never like that

Your mischief and
pain of separated
It was never like that

If tears come,
I will put them on my eyelids
O drops of blood,
such is your honor
It was never like that

How many sorrows have been forgotten,
O sorrow, thank you
I need you
It was never like that

Even if he comes forward,
I will not see him
Worship this idol of mine
It was never like that

Sitting for a long time
But you did not say
Nor did I say
Relationship with you
It was never like that

Drops of blood are dripping
from a single line
My enemy is this nature
It was never like that

It Was Never Like That
Sunday, September 6, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: lost love,lust,separation,sex
Denis Mair 06 September 2020

When you were immersed in the tides of feeling, you knew instinctively how to play and share. Now looking back your feelings are tangled; regrets and judgments have become part of the mixture. The unfolding of a relationship alienates us from the primary feelings. It is good to affirm what it originally was.

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Hannington Mumo 06 September 2020

It indeed wasn't like that, of course...well, I immensely like the simple rhythmic refrain of its never having been like that. And this is a pretty sweetly woven poetic magic at the very least - the raw, 'first-felt' libertine's expressions/diction being the obvious stylistic strength in all your sterling poetic nuggets posted on this wonderful platform. Kudos!

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Sachidananda Panda 06 September 2020

It was never like that.... it should never be... A beautiful poem revealing inner emotions and rattling suffocations, smokes of ennui... artfully expressed ... loved it... Thanks

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o poet me poet yeps poet 06 September 2020

good creativity let it be the way you feel

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Deluke Muwanigwa 06 September 2020

Its nice mysterious and raunchy. Well done

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Khairul Ahsan 06 September 2020

The poem is nice but the picture is repulsive!

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