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Ivan (Redouble) - Poem by Leslie Alexis

Becoming cause and orchestrator of moans
We stand in shock; best we go to our knees.
The world ends, all left: roaches, mites and fleas.
The winds declare that we'll become mere bones
For the arrival, the aroused unknowns
The beatings they just take, and they forgive.
And I cry to my God. O' God, help please.
We're taken over by the fight of mourners
For night would fall, and day would be, we rot...
Or we... Live? I might die. Kiss me right now
Am I…real? I'm alive! ? Glory! Glory!
It failed, for though outside's bad, we're happy
Today… today and ceaselessly, glory! "
And we will smile for all eternity.

A tense reporter narrates and makes the tale.
The same myth we guffawed about before
Is told as new. It's told with a glow.
The guise of great insight that says no fail-
ure joins with eager eyes - as those in veil.
The chaste report things heard as though they know
The pains that soon befalls from Zeus's bow,
From Aeolus's fanning, from Poseidon's sail.
The sheep again cries wolf to remain unheard
And sadly so - the cries are truth- sadly.
The tail and claw are raised to break the bones
Of all in the way of the angry bird
That joins with the army of a mad sea,
Becoming cause and orchestrator of moans.

Perfect silence comes first, but to deceive;
A great sapphire rests where the sky should be.
The blue completely bathed in front of me,
In her glory that we gladly receive
The second, which never told, we'd grieve.
Indeed, less pain we'd know if only we
Did like the bird -the sage; the wise did flee
Away… the fools refused to just believe.
Some thought the sight was only a hoax:
Divine mirage that time and time is seen.
Just like mermaids that live in sandy seas;
The climax only known in the worst of jokes;
That you record and view on a big screen.
"We stand in shock, best we go to our knees, "

Some say. "Strap the animals that they dropp first, "
The scream that walks from the exorcised old witch;
An evil lizard is blamed for her inflamed itch.
"The calm's the stalk, and precursor of worse
Bow to your knees or you would leave in hearse.
About abodes, dig deep the deepest deep ditch;
Such skies did pool to take with my lover Mitch…
Love my Mitch, sweet… yes youths, this sky's a curse! "
Laugh I, laugh we, at the ugly, mad loon
That seeks support for sayings to our doom.
As far as known, she caught that feared disease,
Which makes every -each- booger Hay's harpoon:
And explosive force, that reeks, the nuclear boom.
"The world ends, all left: roaches, mites and fleas! "

Laugh we—sadly— at last king Zeus yells war;
Armies: many are seen down by the bay
As early darkness shows his blade: the star,
The great yellow arrays in skies of grey.
The march is heard; the breaking boulders do say
Victory is taken the end's only now;
The troops got orders: make afraid the prey;
The crazies were on point; they were, somehow.
And what was masked many bravely avow.
Stampedes recruit the farmer and the suit
Who seek to place breastplate on chests but now,
Now we, the cynics pray the troops would boot;
Ignorance like this God never condones.
The winds declare that we'll become mere bones.

Bellowing smokes are heard down by the sea
Synchronized waltzing - the approach of rule,
Angry mad beasts -their horses- wave fury
Swallowing all but they that are in school.
The ocean takes from the emptiest land,
Then chews -one bite- and regurgitates
It makes a mess of the abodes on sand;
In gaze, we gaze, idly they play with fates.
The sea's in turmoil, raided without a cause
It draws from deep within, simply to give
Its all. For guts the sea deserves applause;
For through life's trying... she does, all will live.
I anxiously wait (wondering why he postpones)
For the arrival, the aroused unknowns.

The same, but worse a worry of not long
Weds shakes within, and measures nine at least;
The swiftest rimming breeze descends from east
And west, and north and south; he shows he's strong.
The first to go are trees with branches thong.
Twigs, leaves and garb are first released
Of tasks they take to heart and soul, so cease
they cannot and so they sing their song:
"Enemy; comes she, and he, beg her mercy
Just take of you and give; Just do! Just do!
Win you cannot, admit defeat and live! "
Just live? What tree can live as old Percy,
Revolting the armies of age, but few.
The beatings they just take, and they forgive,

They turn their cheeks; so meek, so meek, so meek.
The mild has passed, the real armies pursue.
Umpteen: thousands have moved in; by each creek
Man finds a place, dogs find a hiding too,
The blades of wind divides the posts and throws
Them high; a few are passed with speed: missiles.
One breaks a pane - a weak breastplate- and goes
Within the room; with speed and ease it whistles
And takes a sheet of ply and galvanize
To bring outside inside as leaves
And dirt color the wall before our eyes;
And shocked we run ‘way from the angry thieves.
I try to move but can't instead I freeze,
And I cry to my God. O' God, help please!

The cry that's heard before unstable air
Explodes, and drums and crackles shake
Abodes, and the angry winds cause a quake.
The soldier, painter and I wobble in fear.
The fact we need the Lord becomes so clear.
As the glass falls on the hard floor they break!
It's like we're playing for every mistake:
The deeds of wrong that spans the far and near.
We're trapped; before the cruel winds we bow
As dogs that went berserk on their landlords
And getting scolded, back into the corners,
with wimpy trembling and lifted brows,
Repents. Then lifted, we, in one accord,
Are taken over by the fight of mourners

And stand to face tormenting winds and rains.
As light does, we pull open the door and run
Into the new room - smaller… ‘whoosh'… the gun
Puts shots into this place and brains
-ours- shake with fear, and knots as those in veins
Obtrudes in heads. O' God, what have we done?
Who drew the card: such prize ne'er be that won!
Someone must've changed the lean of the wind vanes.
For low when we into that place seek peace,
Before the time could reach the next it blew:
The sills are broken, and glass as if caught
Does soar; one goes into the next and the fleece
Is soaked-wet, wet. We will soon bid adieu.
When night would fall, and day would be, we'd rot.

And I, in eye, can see the dinosaur's fate.
Their rolling ice does morph into my storm;
And they also ran ‘way from her reform.
would fam'ly die? The male has need of date
To take the name beyond this brutal state.
Mats block the panes-their way to keep us warm;
Or bodies take new forms, to live we deform.
Ten packed in an area the square of eight.
Just where might we run to avoid the eye
That sees, and sees before... and we are blind.
The current flows, but falls, for trees give bow:
Many but fallen for… "kiss me goodbye"
One virgin asks her groom — he really shined...
"Will you Live? I might die. Kiss me right now! "

As they… the roof is pealed; sardine cans gave
Men stronger fights. Now eight becomes but four
And we're drenched. That Zeus has no rapport!
On dry lands we meet a watery grave…
"Sing child, sing and become very brave.
Not to that Zeus, for there's mightier than he
Who walked on earth and calmed the ruthless sea.
Tis he, tis he, that came your soul to save"
"O mom you are of faith! " Sing we. Sing we.
"O glory to the eternal name, the same
Today… today and evermore, O! Glory! "
Sleep slips within the storm so quietly.
The sky is blue: not so angry but tame,
And I…real? I'm alive! ? O! Glory! Glory!

The home's damaged far beyond repair, and all
The trees are shaved; mountains erode away.
The miles we see are bare: there's no bouquet.
But, Yes! my dogs survived within their crawl
The safest place it seemed: it stayed in the squall.
The spirits found are happy to have stay;
The smiles are not because of the portray;
Fell trees, they do their part and do enthrall.
What dream we dreamed so lively in its rage?
Though living by the bay with warmest days,
Spring needs to befriend those outside the sea,
For winter was alone and waged revenge;
He aim to take spring's spawn, to bring delay,
But failed, for though outside's bad, we're happy…

divine grace is received by the group
And things not seen in ages -love- live again
The neighbors move as packs when facing pain
The sweets and flavors go again in loop
The roads are cleaned by the mightiest troop
That takes away the trees and cleans the drains
Love matters more than things, than things mundane:
The ride once too posh to lug takes in swoops….
"Sing child, sing and become very brave.
Not to that Zeus, for there's mightier than he
Who walked on earth and calmed the ruthless sea.
Tis he, tis he, that came your soul to save
Glory to the eternal name, the same
Today… today and ceaselessly, glory! "

Let's sing the sweetest song at the end of day…
And I and me and we and she and he
Once believed just when we did see the sea,
That rain, the wind, and the angry old bay.
And believed, we did not the wise and they
That knew the truth, and spoke it so humbly.
When news is told again, believe shall we
And more and more and more, more we will pray.
And sweet Calypso caused barest land to grow
Its fruits again, and Soca joins with Reggae
To string bamboo, flowers bloom gloriously.
Of all the neighbors were favored and so,
Let neighborly love grow, every -each- day
And we will smile for all eternity.

Copyright ©2010 Leslie Alexis

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