Jaipur, The City Of Pink And Palaces- A Poem On Jaipur..With Love To The City Of Pearls And Palaces Poem by Umasree Raghunath

Jaipur, The City Of Pink And Palaces- A Poem On Jaipur..With Love To The City Of Pearls And Palaces

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Date: 6 April 2014. Day 6@ NaPoWriMo 2014
Title: Jaipur, the city of pink and palaces

In the state of Rajasthan, a pink city of beauty emerged

Known for its pink building and pearls trade in gratitude

To the king of Amber, Jai Singh II who made the city found

Sectors and the high rise walls around the broad city roads

Formal gardens and high rising splendour of Hawa Mahal

Small lakes that adore around the Jaipur city’s grandeaur

World Heritage site of Jantar Mantar that depicts the science

Jaipurian Langurs that jump from the wide spread trees

The water mahal that has three floors bed spread of a lake

Shows you the way the kings and queens lived in peace

Vedic planning of the East to West, North to South

Shows how well the day falls from Sun to Moon

Not just another delightful tourist destination of North

But a magnificient memoir of our golden days of past

Where creative skills danced to the tunes of our kings

And architecture took unbeatable forms of their wills

Jal Mahal of Jaipur, the oldest way to keep cool in summers

And beauty of Ganesh Pol at Amber Fort showcases beauty

Palace of Winds or Palace of Breeze, the great Hawa Mahal

Build in Red and Pink, endorsing Women’s closed chambers

It’s a beautiful honey comb of beehive of 953 windows

Decorate with the lattice work and winds that cool her ladies

Beauty of this place, is that it has no concrete foundation

And stands on the surface to begin and arise the winds

High on a hill, stands a beautiful Amer Fort, with Hindu elements

Cobbled paths, large ramparts and wide series of gates

Marble and red sandstone played in the artists hands

Makes the fort stand tall and wide about Maota Lake

Jaigarh Fort that stands high on the hills of eagles!

Often called as His highness fort of Victory

Once upon a time, world’s largest cannon on wheels!

On the edge of Araville Hills, stand the Nahagarh fort

Impressive view from the top of the Jaipur city

City Palace, the seat of Maharaja’s of Jaipur

Still the place of high elegance and royal residence

Rajpur, Mugal and European styles of architecture
That makes it a most cherished tourist destination
The Royal flags above the Chandra Mahal

Indicates if the king is in town or on his tours

You will love to watch the huge king’s dresses
And his court and his special big chair to adore

The diamonds on the crown glitters magnificiently

Showing the wonders of art and grandness of weath

The great Rajput kings who held the pride of riches

With the tradition of trade and administrative reminisces

Thus, Jaipur is the heart of Indian art and traditions

Values and riches, that made our heritage strong

Cultures and rituals, followed even to this day

This beautiful old pink city of Jaipur makes us feel

Proud and elegant of our wonderful past and history

Yes, this is India, our beautiful incredible glory of India

Cities like Jaipur withstand the test of time and fate

And arise to showcase, that no matter what we survive

Real will and intimate zeal in life is what makes it live on

For every Indian, this is a city of pride and must visit spot on!

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