Jennifer Poem by Amy Carmichael


I miss you
When did u leave me?
I remember when u were all I had...
Now I have all I dreamt of-and I want to go back,

It was you and I and we were dreaming of how he would hold us.
Then I found him but you wanted him too
You and I so similar, it was all we could be
‘Till one day he mistook you for me…

The rage and the hurt-
‘She wouldn’t do that to me’
It wasn’t worth- it he has someone new...
As do we but that fateful day dictates our lives still.

‘I want you back and you’re beautiful’…
‘I’m so sorry’…words half formed from my frozen lips
But then I see you with your new friends-how could you want me back?
They have style, poise and are all smiles
You’re happier than I've ever seen you
Leaving you was the kindest thing I ever did for you

I still hate you but you’re all I want right now
I want to be alone but for you
I want to dream with you beside me and your voice draw me
Back into reality

I was threatened. I’ll admit that now
How could I compete when you wanted him?
So I took a step back…
Took a look at…
How your little words would break me up inside.
You could never have loved me as much as I loved you
So I vowed to make you hate me.

I thought they were friends and they stabbed me in the back
I want you back.
I want you back...
I’ll give him up.

I’ve lost so much…these pictures bring it back
And I wish I was someone else
I have nothing and I am nothing
Without either you or the beautiful boy who tore us apart

GAZ illionaire 26 August 2007

is this about a friend of yours getting off with a boy you liked? hmm i like the poem just the subject is heartbreaking.

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