My Calm

Have you ever watched someone press their own self destruct button?

Did you watch yourself from behind the haze that drugs and love induce?

You’re back now, Calm, my Calm, i missed you like a hole in my heart

When you were gone, down, so far i couldn’t even see you,

And your absence, well, it bruised me black and blue,

But i held on for you.

You’re smaller now, eyes bigger, tales taller-but true

Because you’ve seen the world now baby,

Left me here to carry on life- except mine was breaking too

I couldn’t run away like you did, like she did, like everyone

Iv ever loved did.


They’re tied, the shoelaces of life, to my destiny.

I stayed; you left, found Him, lost yourself.

Back now, you shake your head at your headstrong will,

Tell me of your faith in me-like i could ever survive in the world you did

Like i could fight all the demons you’re still pushing down with Prozac

Like i could possibly leave everyone in pursuit of love

Like i could stand tall and tell everyone to screw their expectations.

And i love you.

Thank you for coming back to me.

Thank you for seeing the light.

Thank you for believing in me-i believe in you.