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Jewel From The East

Rating: 4.7

Life has many twists and turns,
To this, there is no doubt.
Sometimes Fate steps in to find
What we can't live without.

The road to you was mighty long,
Filled with doubt and fear.
The miles between us seemed to grow
With every passing year.

Stuck in immigration,
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Danny Reynolds 05 October 2006

I amsure your friend will find this a fitting topping to an already marvellous occasion. Danny

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A Heartembracing piece, W.G....Lots of impassioned decorum &expression ...Very Well constructed, as the verses flow like a pebble across ice Stellar craftsmanship W.G.'''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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Scarlett Treat 04 October 2006

I must admit, knowing the young lady who wrote this (my daughter) and the young lady for whom it is written (my daughter's best friend) makes this poem really special to me. They are both great young ladies, and I am partial to them both! Keep writing Whistle, and someday I'll read your book. Mother

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What a lovely way of giving the Baby her history. I do hope that they will all live happily every after and that she will grow into a sweet and beautiful lady surrounded by love. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Alison Cassidy 31 January 2007

A charming and heart-felt response to an encredibly moving scenario. The word jewel is a perfect metaphor to describe the 'value' of the gift received with such profound joy and after so much longing. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxx

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Jerzegirl *~~ 31 January 2007

'Sometimes Fate steps in to find What we can't live without.' Great line, I love it as well as 'you were Jillian within our hearts'.

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This is tear-jerking. It is also a superbly crafted piece with intelligent observation. At this point (12 October 2006) you have posted but two pieces; and these show already diversity of style, masterful writing, and an ability to draw your readership in (and tightly) . Excellent work and I think I speak for many in saying I would like to read much more. t x

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Esther Leclerc 05 October 2006

A truly sweet gift, this - sweeter still, that their dream came true. A beauty poem, Whistle Gal! Keep writing... Esther : ]

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