Job Description Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Job Description

If you are feeling daily headaches,
To medicate them to go away...
Revisit your job description.
Or have a doctor check your DNA.

If you are troubled and discouraged,
By things done to you and you approve it too?
Do not delay.
Make an appointment to check your DNA.

People only disrespect,
Those perceived known.
And comfortable to let their ignorance shown.
They would not do that,
Around others who impress.
The ones they think have money.
And stay impeccably dressed.

If anyone cares less,
How it is they speak to you.
No matter if it is public.
Or in private conversations.
Attempting to make you appear the fool.
Tell them quick without a lip to
There is nothing they do you have to accept.
Be they relative or friend.
Or live in a gated community,
Guarded to protect an exclusive address.
With thoughts of what they've got,
Makes you a have not.
Let it be known in their ears to hear.
You did not sign up,
To tolerate their nonsense.
Nor are you obligated,
To pretend you are elated to be in their presence.
And, if God wanted you to be belittled,
Like they prove to others they can do.
Pull out your job description.
Show them the results of your DNA.
Tell them where to go.
And before they do remind them,
What it is they can kiss.
Because there is nothing about them needed,
In your life that will be missed.
Do this!
Especially to the ones,
Who have no idea what your life has been...
With obstacles on your path to overcome.
Tell them quick and through grinning lips,
They may take others for granted.
But you are not the one to allow that done.
Since your job is not to serve their stupidity.
Your job,
Is to live the best life without their ssshhh...

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