Joy Poem by Cigeng Zhang


Rating: 4.8

stand at the silver sparrow pavilion
gaze into the distant horizon

someone starts moving toward
me …? through my freezing land

pocket stuffed with something hot
sweet sweet taros in his chest!

delicious like the jujube honey
of my September Granny

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy
Terry Craddock 02 February 2017

'stand at the silver sparrow pavilion gaze into the distant horizon' so much lies within the gaze beauty of the distant horizon, all the seasons flow in cloaks of colours weather time changing, in the horizon of our lives distance stretching in sight before us, flows in time shaping experiences into personality shaping past

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Terry Craddock 15 January 2017

the love of food the love of friends the love of relatives

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Daniel Brick 28 November 2016

This begins with a very specific act of attention: you are standing very still in the silver sparrow pavillon, with your mind focused on the distance. Thus prepared, you witness a kind of slow motion miracle as someone you hope to meet walks toward you. What will happen next? Will a prayer be answered? A hope fulfilled? I am confident it will be joyful. The stillness, the readiness, the atmosphere of joy = further joy, for sure! !

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Christopher Tye 18 November 2016

Really beautiful poem, so full of imagery and the silver sparrow pavilion sounds wonderful.

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Kwai Chee Low 16 November 2016

A beautiful piece, it takes the reader to a wintry view in an exotic place - the silver sparrow pavilion. Love the vivid imagery and the feeling of warmness against the winter cold.

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