Francis Duggan

Joy And Sorrow - Poem by Francis Duggan

One can hear the voice of sorrow sobbing, sobbing endlessly
Yet it hides in dark recesses sorrow you can never see
It's a black and brooding creature with a voice that aches of pain
And all of those who have met with it hope not to meet with it again.

Joy is always bright and breezy joy has got a laughing face
And where ever joy is present you will find a happy place
Joy is loved by everybody the scars of grief it can repair
It is such a happy creature joy is welcome everywhere.

There is not one who likes sorrow you will not hear some one say
I've met with sorrow this morning and meeting it has made my day
At the mention of the name of sorrow people pretend not to hear
But joy always bright and happy greets you with a lusty cheer.

Sorrow it is dark and tearful and it hides in a dark and lonely place
But joy is always bright and cheerful and it greets you with a laughing face
And everybody hates old sorrow as it always gives rise to woe
But joy the happiest of the happy the one all people wish to know.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 6, 2008

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