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Jubilee Year In Eschatology And Future Prophecy - Poem by Joseph Narusiewicz

The social laws of Israel had capital incentive as well as socialistic
protections. Every fifty years the land went back to the original
tribe though Israel didn't keep this and it was the major reason they
went to Babylon for 70 years according to 2Chron.36: 18-22. Every 7
years they were to forgive debt and let the land rest 1 year. They
were to save the corners of their fields for the poor. They were to
only glean their fields only once so after the poor could come in and
have food and even the animals could eat. During the 50 years they
could sell the land but after fifty years it would go back to the
original families and tribes. If one of the fathers was a drunk and
sold the ancient landmark it would after fifty years return to his off
spring and children. This also protected against the amassing of land
in the hands of the rich or corporations and Oligarchies. This social
justice protected the people, the land, the culture and the future of
Israel as a kingdom of priests were to teach it to the other
nations and will in Isaiah 2 during the millennial kingdom. It wasn't
just the libertarian perspective of love your neighbor as yourself by
the individual, it was also solid laws of protection concerning
foreclosures, disenfranchisement, amassing of land which is how wealth
is accumulated and the stability of an economy based on social
justice. Leviticus 23-25 dealt with the feast days, sabbaths and feast
of jubilee every fifty years when this great justice of the land going
back to the original tribes and families was to take place.
The prophecy of Daniel's 70th week with a week being 7 years teaches
us 69 weeks have been used and then the church age came and still is
and when it is over the last week or 7 years will take place.
concerning Israel and Jerusalem. This 7 year period is like the last 7
years in the Old Testament when the priests, judges, elders, lawyers
and leaders in Israel were to figure out the money, compensations and
lineage that would be involved for the year of Jubilee.
The tribulation is this period when the books of judgment are open with
the elders and judges being in eternity with Christ in Rev 4 and 5
etc. Jesus opens the books and at the end of the 7 years the last
great jubilee takes place and the land goes back to the people of the
earth in a righteous manner.
Capitalistic churches of Laodicea do not teach this or understand
this. This kind of teaching concerning the widow, the orphan and
disenfranchised, the fair wage of the worker, the distribution of the
land and wealth, the poor and the social justice of the law showing
the mercy and kindness of God will always be a back bone of my

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