Just As Poem by Smoky Hoss

Just As

Rating: 5.0

There should be a poem
that moves in and out, just as
the air your lungs capture and use,
deplete and toss away.
A poem like water, pouring
off a dark roof in the maelstrom
of the night... water moving outward
to the creek, the river, the lake, and finally
the oceans, where
every pain is drown, every hurt washed away.
There should be a poem that flows, just as
air and water do... just as
love does.
Love that comes
flowing into the heart, a gift;
and then one day rolls away,
outward, onward, gone.
A poem of no words, only movements.
Yes, there should be a poem, but,
when the air is exhausted, and
the waters gather elsewhere,
the words escape me,
just as
the love has.
- But, the longing, to love
and be loved, remains,
just as air, not moving,
and water, not flowing.

Bri Edwards 25 May 2023

'every pain is drown, every hurt washed away.' 'drowned' ;) Do YOU have such a poem, hmm? bri ;)

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Richard Wlodarski 25 May 2023

Smoky, if you would incorporate this moving poem into a song...it will be a huge success. Enjoyed it immensely!

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Sandra Feldman 24 May 2023

This poem is immense and piercing into the most sensitive thoughts and feelings of the human heart. Extremely touching and like nothing else. I have ever read. Thank you!

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