Aurora Lodestone Poem by Smoky Hoss

Aurora Lodestone

Rating: 5.0

'Silence is God's first language.' - John of the Cross

When the sky clears
and radiance out shines the dark
beauty is unbounded.
Beyond reason... beyond senses.
There breathe in the light,
become enveloped, soaked
with lumination's love.
Rise. Take flight.
Search the Unknowable.
Glide through the liminal.
Enter the aurora,
where heaven and earth are indistinguishable.
Open the dark curtain of space and time.
Join the heart of the universe.
Here knowledge dwindles,
only the trust of Love makes certain sense.
You'll find no compass in this realm;
navigation is done according to faith alone.
- Silence, we are told, is
the only true sound in space,
the total consumption of holiness.
Let it draw us quietly onward...
far ahead lies the true horizon!

Cowboy Ron Williams 16 June 2022

This poem draws me in like a moth to the flame, like a fleck of iron to the magnet. A fantastic creation, , Smoky! To my favorites!

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Far ahead lies the true horizon ".. lovely poem. Most endearing. Enjoyed it. Thank You for sharing.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 23 November 2022

An excellent poem dear poet. Many congratulations for this beautiful poem being selected as Poem of the Day!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 23 November 2022

Just Beautiful I wish I had read this earlier

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 23 November 2022

Hearty Congratulations for the Poem of the Day. Most deserving poem that affirms the presence of God and his boundless grace.

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Cowboy Ron Williams 23 November 2022

This poem was already one of my favorites, and now I congratulate my pal Smoky for having it chosen as Member Poem of the Day!

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Avon Nova 23 November 2022

Simply wonderful, Smoky. I have added it to my favorites and given it five stars. Heartiest congratulations on having it selected as member poem of the day!

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Kim Barney 23 November 2022

Just beautiful, Smoky! Congrats on poem of the day. Five stars and to my favorites!

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 23 November 2022

Silence is the holy sound of God. Its illumination and radiance shines beyond time and space. A wonderful poem that deserves top marks. To my favourite as well.

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Jayne Louise Davies 23 November 2022

Congratulations on POD! Well deserved x Top marks!

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