Just Because... Poem by God is Good

Just Because...

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You torture me for hours,
I don't scream,
I won't cry,

No expressions at all.

You scold me,
I sit there,
No denial,
No hurt feelings,

I think nothing of it.

I can never please you,
you wish me dead,
pray for the worst of me.

I hear nothing.

You hate me,
you leave me,
want nothing to do with me.

I don't feel anything,
Won't cry cause I'm alone,
Can't pray for another home.
Has never begged for a new life,
Has never cared for anyone again,

Why? ...
cause I'm immune to it all.


how sad.... i say no one can actually be immune to any form of pain, but they put it in their heads simply so life may be less painful and disappoitning. not saying that i know what you've been through and where you've been.... just that you're young, and i'm guessing that you have been through alot, so you're doing what you can to protect yourself. completely understandable... this was queit interesting to read.

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Nicholas Neato 08 June 2009

Pretty intense. Yet simply amazing.

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i have to go with what MMI said... and yes, i believe you do have the guts... no one's immune to any form of pain, we just choose to run. we have feelings for a reason. that being to learn, and grow. i love the way you easily express yourself..in writing. you're good. thanks for sharing

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Dana Soumbouloglou 07 June 2009

Loved your poem.. so.. meaningful! ..

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Me Myself And I... 05 June 2009

You are not immune...you feel every word, feel every pain, but at this point, choose to ignore it, it is self defense..it is our way of dealing with something to harsh to deal with...maybe go the other way, and hit this head on...go deal with this pain, but it takes guts...this i believe you have, but this path can be very painful... good luck.. MMI

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Emily Oldham 11 May 2009

interesting poem........ very sad........... pain creates sensational poetry sometimes! ! !

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