That Poor Child Poem by God is Good

That Poor Child

Rating: 5.0

She's been abandoned,
she's been abused,
in so many different ways.
Yet she wants to find love,
feels she needs a friend,
still longing for the day.
One minute she's a cruel one,
quite hard to get along with.
Then the next she's a sweet heart,
wondering what it'd be like to be kissed.
You'd see her once and she's angry,
at no one in particular.
Then, twice, and she's crying
wondering why no one likes her.
She's never been hugged,
or ever told that she's preety.
She's forced to suck it up,
and hold it all in.
Oh dear, what a pitty.
She seems to do nothing right.
Always, she feels alone.
She never goes to sleep at night,
not even happy in her own home.
No one she trusts
yet no one she hates..
she just wants to be accepted.
It's always been this way,
so why bother,
she's just not easily adapted.

written by friend(andrea)
nice work on your first attempt.


bravo lady d and andrea... this is a very sad and touching piece... my heart goes out to that girl... thanks for sharing, i give this a 10.

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that poor child has a rich soul. n a fantastic heart.., fixed with a courageous will.. she'd make it! I believe

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Evaughn Gray 17 June 2009

This is a beautiful piece. So many women have been through this, and still haven't let it cross thier lips. Really great poem you have here, your a really great poet! ~ Hazel G.E

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Tyrone Wingfield 17 June 2009

This poem is no less than spectacular, Ive felt and have watched so many otheres feel exactly what you have written that its a wonder we havent found eacher other yet, you are truley an amazing poet

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Kevin Fisher 17 June 2009

I love the pain involved in this so much dark emotions I love it keep up the great work doom

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Darkness Everywhere 09 June 2009

i really like this poem it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. keep it up 10+

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i like this poem a LOT! ! ! i especially like the way its wriiten in a combination of broken phrases and complete sentances. shows the pain and suffering of that poor likeses muches.

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