Just Enjoy You Poem by Kewayne Wadley

Just Enjoy You

A lot of the time I don't know
How to feel.
Most vacations I'd like to take
Involve pineapples & palm trees,
Other times I'd rather go anywhere
That feels closest to home.
When I tell you that I enjoy
Talking to you, I am not just saying
Something to just say something.
That means I am that much closer
to the pineapples & palm trees
I envision when I go on vacation.
The first thing that comes to mind
Is being safe and secure
Whenever you're around.
It doesn't really matter what I am
Doing or that I am not that great
At expressing myself.
All I want is to be outside around
A palm tree or a pineapple,
Ultimately you.
To be this person I become
Whenever you're around.
Whenever I think of you.
The inconsistency that seems so
Consistent when you're not around.
It comes so easy to you,
A beach ball enjoying the vice
Of life.
You've shown me that when you're
Up high absolutely nothing can bring
You down,
For too long at least.
Before you're back up again
Most vacations, the saddest part
Is realizing soon as you get there
It's time to leave.
I just enjoy you

Just Enjoy You
Monday, August 1, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: affinity and love,love notes,vacation,infatuation,for her,together,another tomorrow,poetry,happiness,open
Kewayne Wadley

Kewayne Wadley

Groton, Connecticutt
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