Kewayne Wadley Poems

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Coffee Of Stars

Her moon is the everlasting cream
In my coffee of stars.
I stir in the hopes she appears
In half dark twinkles of night.


There are many roads we face in this thing called life,
some take us to heights unparalleled,
Some are filled with precious stones, pebbles, that leave a bright glimmer like the sun,
Others lead us back around to our favorite places we've passed,


With so little time I could not decide.
Shelf after shelf filled with book upon book.
The likes I've dreamed of reading.
Most bookstores have there signs posted.

Pebble In The Sea

I watched her walk away,
Her lanky arms swung in the wind,
Her jacket softly brushed against itself,
Painted a soft dull green,

A Laugh, A Cry

A cry,
A laugh,
A moment to rejoice in the sweetest taste of inspiration.
Heavenly hymns given by the fixture of your lips.

Urgent Stare

If I could walk across the sky, i'd spell your name across the stars,
As every thought is a thought of you,
The stratosphere would remind me of your touch,
A simple caress that speaks louder than words,

Cloud In The Sky

Light shades of blue covered by shades of white,
Holding out my arms, knowing only the thought of you.
Embracing the warmth given through the day,
Still it cannot compare to the warmth you provide.


She reminds me of Paris
Everywhere she goes,
Everything she does.
She sits on the couch

Into The Eyes Of Each Other {ode To Langston Hughes}

Nothing but the moon surrounds us
Depth of the upmost felt
As the pilars that hold Taj Mahal remains it's strength
Dreams of a young boy who grew up in the south

Given Back

Time is intentional.
It brings together and also
For letters dance over the

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