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Bit of this, Bit of that.

• Free verse writer
• Philanthropist

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Collected Whispers (2006) , For This Cause Writers Unite (2012) , Where the Mind Dwells (2015) , The Poetic Bond V (2015) , The Poetic Bond VIII(2018) , Best Of 2019: 4th Edition (2019) , The Poetic Bond IX (2019) , The Poetic Bond X (2020) Honorable mention for 'Love Sometimes', Best Poets of 2020: Quarantine Edition (2020) , Porter Gulch Review 2020: 36th Edition (2020) , Poet's Choice: Desires (2021) , Human to Human (2021) , Who's Who in American Poetry (2021) , DRIP 05/06 (2021 Double Issue) Coffee People Zine, Mingled Voices 6 (International Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology) 2021

Self Published Books

Listening To Songs At Midnight (2020)

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Sofia Kioroglou 18 December 2015

Kewayne Wadley is a really gifted poet! I am so glad I got the chance to read his work on His work is so warm and evocative! I love reading his poems!

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Kewayne Wadley 01 April 2021

'Listening To Songs At Midnight' is now available on Amazon, hopefully some of your favorite poems are included in this small collection of Poetry. Thank you so much for your time as well as patience. Nameste peace and blessings KW

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Prabir Gayen 26 July 2020

A great and very talented poet......God bless you dear friend......///

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The Muse 06 October 2019

Congratulations on being selected for Poem of the Day.

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Louise Mey 24 June 2018

I'm so happy that I've gotten to work with this incredible talent!

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Dawn Novus 30 January 2018

Each time I read your poetry I think I cannot be more enamored by your words. Strung together like a maestro creating a master-piece symphony. I really adore the depth of your mind.

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The Best Poem Of Kewayne Wadley

Coffee Of Stars

Her moon is the everlasting cream
In my coffee of stars.
I stir in the hopes she appears
In half dark twinkles of night.
My hands warm in the bistro of
She leans against my lips
& my emotions erupt in hot steam.
A love like hers silk as cream,
Easing down my throat.
I stir until half dark twinkles are covered.
I stir until only the smallest bit is shown.
Her moon the everlasting cream,
In my coffee of stars.
The taste forever lingering on my tongue.
This cream a kiss that orbits much of the world.
A romance I taste with each sip,
In my coffee of stars

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Kewayne Wadley Quotes

10 October 2016

Her tongue is the novocaine that heals all pain

11 November 2016

Her mouth is the Aqueduct From which my life springs

18 December 2016

And Like The rain, We Both Fell

19 December 2016

Easier is a state of mind, even a ocean starts as a puddle

19 December 2016

And with the touch of her hand, the wall became a bridge

19 December 2016

Flaws reciprocate each other until they find perfection, only through outside eyes

19 December 2016

I was never good enough, that still wasn't never enough to stop me

19 December 2016

She showed me that being strong willed was hardly enough in the midst of her disaster, I've watched buildings falter beneath her steps only for her to then smile like nothings happened

19 December 2016

Fragile are the pages we turn, not truly knowing the severity of tight pressed pages

10 January 2017

Everyone fails to mention what happens to the moth after the flame is extinguished

10 January 2017

Sorrow escapes through the air as black smoke, The burning smell of a wick swelters in liquid wax. The Candle soon hardens as if nothing has happened

20 January 2017

Each morning she grants me the unique privilege of providing a smile on her face I know quite a bit about the simple things. To watch her walk in and delight herself with the croissant of open lips A splash or two of milk painting her smile. I just might have to bring her breakfast one day Just to return the favor

20 January 2017

I deliberately stained my lips with the edible arrangement of her heart, Savoring the hint of love

23 January 2017

Often times it's hard to see in the dark, Of all the signs you've thrown. I caught the most important one

23 January 2017

I got on my knees, hoping that you would appear I waited until the morning, keeping my eyes closed in solemn prayer. Hoping to see you when I opened my eyes. I was curious when you would appear, keeping my eyes closed. Continuing to wait, my knees became sore. Still I knelt on my knees knowing pain. Would your love ever take over. Continuing to wait I opened my eyes at the crack of dawn. Rising from my knees when I saw nothing but disappointment.

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