Into The Eyes Of Each Other {ode To Langston Hughes} Poem by Kewayne Wadley

Into The Eyes Of Each Other {ode To Langston Hughes}

Rating: 4.5

Nothing but the moon surrounds us
Depth of the upmost felt
As the pilars that hold Taj Mahal remains it's strength
Dreams of a young boy who grew up in the south
Looking only for the solice of what was yet to be understood
Dreams that beg to become reality as heaven feels closer with each step
With each touch of your skin these dreams seem closer than the years growing up listening to the midnight train make it's last round
Sometimes when I close my eyes I can still hear it ring in the back of my mind
The sensation of going somewhere new
the sights
the smells
As one day I also dreamed to travel the plains that escaped into the trees
Whenever you speak I escape into the sound of your voice
Never wanting it to end
Never wanting it to stop
Much like the train that traveled behind the house
Behind the fence I was always curious about
To me the vines that sculpted the trees always seemed like still lifes of God's muesum
Made just for my viewing
So understand with each unpromised moment in your company
I count it as a tresure
Only a fool would mistake physical pleasure as counting it the same
Nothing but the moon and the stars surround us as I wish for more than worldly things
I wish to meet you where only the sun and the moon are present at the same time
Igniting the aromas of the candles yet sparked between you & I

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Edward Kofi Louis 19 June 2015

Dreams that beg to become reality. Nice work.

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Chinedu Dike 28 May 2021

Nicely expressed thoughts and feelings.

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Denis Mair 15 November 2016

The sharing of dreams is education at a very high level. This poem pays tribute to your mentor by telling us what he reminds you of.

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Juan Olivarez 02 March 2016

I love this. So much emotion. So much feeling. Wonderful poem.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 07 December 2015

a very beautiful sentimental journey accompanied by a lover and sun and moon as witness into to deep forests of life may you have a happy journey and thanks new friend for reading me regards to thee

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Liza Sudina 13 October 2015

Beautiful romantic poem!

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Kewayne Wadley

Kewayne Wadley

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