Just For The Sake Of Love Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Just For The Sake Of Love

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Man to lady ~
remain warm and cozy,
free from the coldness of outer world
together we'll be, never lonely,
our love so vibrant and unfurled.

Lady to Man ~
you remove your skin,
and I shall put mine.
our souls interwoven within,
and our love will be so deep and divine.

Man to Lady ~
truly, your words are mesmerizing,
as my thoughts pen romance,
together we'll weave a tale,
a love story, a lifetime's chance.

Lady to Man ~
no need for any furnace to melt the iron,
just pour your passion,
let the moth burn tonight,
everything will melt, even a skin between us.

Man to Lady ~
For you I'd climb mountains and cross the sea
To prove my love,
with all my heart and soul,
I vow to thee.

Lady to Man ~
become like water, pure and unchanging
merge in the sea, by falling on the rocks
don't scale the mountains so high
Simply love me until the end of time.

And they walked together, hand in hand,
Into the sea of love, they stepped on the sand,
as they wandered towards the shore,
their love grew stronger, forevermore.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: cute love
Bharati Nayak 08 June 2023

Very beautiful poem of love.

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Juhaina Tumlu 08 June 2023

Finally they walked together hand in hand and now must be wondering after their marriage where such conversation and time disappeared, they have a family to raise.

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Gerald Opio 08 June 2023

This is fantastic.

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