***love Consents Poem by hari khabrani

***love Consents

Rating: 2.8

Is not this time of our love consenting?
Please….how do you pass day in love?
What submission do you propose love?
Feelings you do have….please do not hide;
A very much true feelings, nowhere absorbing feelings
But only love feelings.

Tell me that you love me too, that’s so pure and true
Be fair and genuine please, you do have
Just put hand & count the palpitations of love?
And say out without hiding anything?
But honest and genuine feelings and palpitations;
Palpitations of love...
Is not this idle state of time to say out feelings?

I do know me a great friend.
Yes I am close to your heart and feeling palpitations,
And say that I find you too close to me and a trust
That we are since entered into all this.
Never will raise any breach for lifetime and time has eyed both of us?
Alike in day you are already thought of, need not thinking.
I hope those words are not important to you but more important to me.

Rest and sure, your feelings are valuable to me
And precious as never are expressed through words
But by feelings, never exterior but inner and heart
Never put more questions and burden or bother your brain?
It is all plain and says out when we both are close to each other.
It’s like to sleep in one’s arm; undoubtedly it is mine arm,
You use as to put head and sleep every day
Close to my heart? And your heart closes to my heart?
Therefore, every day I listen the thumbing palpitations of your heart......

You would question what that palpitation says to me.......
It is love time let us both sleep in our arms
Sweet image to be painted later as we are closing our eyes
Just to as we are slept and dreaming each other
As to paint next in our picturesque
We are going to sleep in ours arms.
Good Night and will see the dreams of each other
Thanks & love.

Surya . 01 June 2009

you have a very young heart and you just opened it for us to read.wonderfull.posted 10 surya

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Catrina Heart 20 May 2009

As the heart speaks of love it submits to the heart and arms of love, the beloved who have a warm feathers and tender heart......10+++

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Joseph Poewhit 20 May 2009

The heart does flutter in love

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