Just Take It! Poem by Aufie Zophy

Just Take It!

Rating: 5.0

A man in need of money, poor and old
is handed a cup filled with coins of gold
But if he refuses to accept and take it
He will remain poor, no benefit

Our hearts, if feeling deprived of love
Are handed gallons of it, free from above
If drinking even a drop, we refuse
All love in the Universe is of no use.

Our minds may lack beauty in a similar way
There so much of it in all that surrounds all-day
If we don't pay attention and let it not in our eyes
No good from all that splendor will ever arise

Our inner being may feel empty and void
Just a place for endless loud noise.
Every day, silence and peace are provided by God
If we refuse to make time for it, it will help us not.

And if for our soul some suffering is there,
Freshness and blessings are afloat in fresh air
If we do not go outside to take a bit of it to inhale
All that wisdom and blessings are to no avail.

Let us just take all love, beauty, wisdom, and peace
All we need is a willingness to see and let in all of these.
Seeing with our mind, heart and soul is all we need
And let them multiply as we share with all people we meet.

Monday, September 16, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty,blessings,love,peace,wisdom
David Wood 06 November 2021

Very well penned Aufie. Man will never find happiness with out wisdom. A good 5

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 17 September 2019

A wonderful poem that imparts wisdom. Each and every stanza is like a treasure to be kept in our mind and heart. Beautifully crafted and well executed write.

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yoonoos peerbocus 16 September 2019

all above finely set/vivid to get the message

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