X..... A Little Sadness Poem by Aufie Zophy

X..... A Little Sadness

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Reflecting on my life at the end of the week
A tear leaves my eye and caresses my cheek
My ego wants to force a smile, but my soul doesn’t feel the need
This little sadness doesn’t taste bitter; it is sweet

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Thursday, March 10, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: sad,sadness,sweet
Actually too many people tend to be afraid of sadness
Sadness is quite a normal feeling.
It can be all encompassing and devastating
And that is something to be afraid of
But our daily small sadnesses,
we should be living through them without too much worry
If we store our daily small sadnessess
without really living through the feelings,
they may come back to us in much bigger form
Erika Wingo 24 November 2012

This is a poem of few words that says so much. Deeply meaningful.

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Gleb Zavlanov 20 July 2013

I really like this poem. It's short and to the point and has immense meaning. Keep up the great work! I also invite you to read and comment.

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Amrit Rathi 30 April 2011

Beautiful! We are not always happy and peaceful though our ego, false self, may pretend at times. But if we accept 'suchness' of the situation at hand, let it be sorrow or pain, it gives tremendous peace and serenity.We need to accept the present moment as it is. Thanks for sharing.

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Kelly Mcgrade 28 October 2013

There is something BLISSFOUL in being sad and feeling melancholy

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Micah Hayes 06 October 2013

Sadness is my reality/

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Kaltum Adam hassan 13 June 2019

I really love it all it improve my skills and i achivce alot keep it up.

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vernon munyenya 16 March 2018

the poems are sweet and they can change the world

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arunah 27 February 2018

short and strong totally nailed it

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Rae Seagull 05 December 2017

Short and sweet! Loved it

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Lyn Paul 22 September 2017

Excellent Poet Notes the world should read. The way you express your words is simply beautiful.

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