Just When I Thought Poem by Nasra Al Adawi

Just When I Thought

Rating: 5.0

I too walked in the valley of darkness
A lonely path filled with nothing but emptiness
Drowning in solitude of sadness
The current pulled me down into a phase of madness
God knows how much I was searching for love and tenderness
To dance in a melody of kindness
Snatching me away from the deep water of bitterness

Suddenly a hand pulled me out, becoming dolphin in the air swinging
I no longer clutching on a thread of life, hanging
A new destiny is singing
There is a melody of opportunities, rhythmic ringing

A new chance landed in front of the door
My soul and body rushed in to explore
The sadness and emptiness I felt was not there anymore
Blissful surprises are in store

Could not hold my temptation
A gift from above beyond my anticipation
Evaporated years of frustration
There is no more explanation

You are the one my heart wanted to see
You are the one I wanted for my life
Nothing more that I prayed and plead
“Oh, Lord thank you” whispering silently – tears on my face
As I was about to give up, God sent you to me!
Blessed with new key to life
Just when I thought I have lost all keys of hope
Never knew that God had kept more surprises for me

Sara Here 13 July 2006

I felt what u are saying it applies to me.. like ur imageries too much

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Nasra Al Adawi 27 April 2005

and he does not know

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