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I Need My God

Life is not so lovely or so sweet
It is full of struggle and defeat
Dying alone lonely with or without love
Your love can not stop orders from above


Missed you all the way no
Missing you everyday no-no
What I need to say is more
Than words could endure

Today Is My Day

Today was the day everything went on its way
progress in love, work and Religion what a day
Is that out of your love God or a hole in my whole
life is unfaithful, ungrateful so I learned after all

Just A Feeling

I can’t explain what I feel
Surrounding me many firewalls reveal
How I am besieged in a world of fear
If I loved my soul must despair

My Tomb

In my grieve surrounded by a grave
Lived many days never thought it is that grave
Melancholy I am now more than lonely
Besides I hear strife a male with a knife

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Merna Ibrahim 07 November 2009

A Brilliant teacher and poet.She is wise, open-minded and friendly person. Her poems are very touching and expressing.....I will never forget her.. Wish her all the Best! ! Yours, Merna.

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