Nikhil Parekh


There was such an Omnipotence in those impeccably mesmerizing eyes of hers; that made even the most exuberant winds of rhapsody; wholesomely drift their course towards her charismatic contours,

There was such marvelous innocence in those immaculately silken lips of hers; that made even the most brilliantly flaming beams of the Sun; salute her in uninhibitedly unending unison,

There was such endless euphoria in those robustly crimson cheeks of hers; that made even the most voluptuously tantalizing beauty of this colossal planet; bow down in humbly unparalleled adulation,

There was such alluring enigma in those poignantly everlasting smiles of hers; that made even the most ebulliently frolicking meadows on this fathomless earth; stoop down in profusely unconquerable adoration,

There was such natural incoherence in those celestial wails of hers; that made even the most tumultuously compassionate thunderbolts of clouds in unprecedented
sky; to torrentially shower down their benign blessings upon the entire human
race; for times immemorial,

There was such bountiful vivacity in that vividly enamoring and innocuous stride of hers; that made even the most princely whirlpools of desire; unabashedly crown her as the ultimate mantra to eternal success,

There was such heavenly artistry in those unbelievably rhetoric and minuscule fingers of hers; that made even the most unfathomable cradles of versatility; overwhelmingly applaud her in awe-struck splendor,

There was such profound sensitivity in those delectably diminutive ears of hers; that made even the most glistening hives of enchanting honey; melodiously flow
towards her blissful circumference,

There was such irrefutable honesty in those righteously divine eyes of hers; that made even the most royal Gods in the gigantic cosmos; ecstatically clap till countless more births; yet to unveil,

There was such enamoring exhilaration in those freshly evolved tiny toes of hers; that made even the most patriotically scintillating of paths; wait in ardently augmenting anticipation; for her to perennially tread,

There was such majestic aristocracy in those exotically hazel brown hair of hers; that made even the most unsurpassable entrenchments of timelessness; enshroud her like an impregnable fortress for; limitless more decades yet to come,

There was such regale endowment in those inscrutably tiny destiny lines of hers; that made even the most ecstatically floating clouds in abundant sky; beautifully caress her with their incredulously fascinating charm,

There was such indefatigable poignancy in those vibrantly ravishing veins of hers; that made even the most seductively blossoming lotus's; to perpetually encapsulate her captivating grace; with ever-pervading fountains of ingratiating scent,

There was such wonderful intrigue in those inadvertently harmonious yawns of hers; that made even the most inscrutably ingenious waves of invention; stand in obeisant guard for decades immemorial beside her,

There was such unassailable triumph in those merrily advancing footsteps of hers; that made even the most blisteringly Omniscient rays of hope; stoop their lids in astounding acknowledgement,

There was such spell binding enthusiasm in those mischievous fantasies of hers; that made even the most fantastically panoramic gorge of proliferating newness; forever bend down in charismatically due respect,

There was such magnificence blended in those gorgeously infinitesimal fists of hers; that made even the most priceless angels in the cosmos; profusely stare till realms beyond eternity; in untamed celestial stupor,

There was such sensuous fervency embellished in those inconspicuous nostrils of hers; that made even the most fragrant lap of the heavens; miraculously bestow
vivacious life upon even the dreariest cranny of this unending planet,

There was such immortal love in those passionately palpitating beats of hers; that made even the most Omnipresent messiahs of humanity; sing in Godly praise; for unsurpassable more decades yet to come,

And I considered myself the richest organism on this boundless Universe; as she had my very own blood beautifully fulminating in her tiny veins; as the contours of her innocent face reminded me profusely of my sacrosanct childhood; as she was none other; than my new born daughter kavya.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 14, 2016

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