Later On Poem by Forough Farrokhzad

Later On

Rating: 3.5

My death will arrive one day,
It may be a bright, spring dawn,
It may be a distant winter dusk,
Or perhaps a silent night-
of a foggy, frozen fall.

That day,
gloomy, bright or cloudy, yet,
it will be an empty day-
like all the rest:
a figment of the future,
a picture of the past.

That day,
My eyes like dark holes,
My face like cold marbles;
I’ll be taken away in a swift sleep,
leaving behind my colorful dreams.

My hands will fall on the pallor of a page,
My rhyming thoughts will flee from their cage,
My mind losing to the vibration of this last verse;
And then, there will be no sorrow, no pain-
no rage.

The Earth,
incessantly calling my name,
so they will arrive to place me inside the grave.
Oh, perhaps my lovers, at all midnights-
will put some flowers on my lone place.

the thick shades of my world-
will be suddenly pulled away:
In the full moon-light, one night-
strangers will read on my rhymes…

They will step in my little room,
a sunny day, in my memory.
Next to my mirror yet, they will find
a lock of my hair,
the signs of life-
my fingerprints.

My soul,
like a sailboat,
It will escape,
free of myself and missing from my corpse.
I will fade away at the borders of sight,
like a vagabond kite,
in an endless flight.

Days so quickly get to weeks,
And weeks become months as fast;
You’ll stare into eyes of the clock,
waiting in vain my letters, my calls.

But then,
My lifeless body will calmly rest-
far from you and the pounds of your heart-
in the voiceless arms of Mother Earth.

Later on,
The sun, the wind and the rain,
will polish the cold stone of my grave:
And lastly I'll be free-
forever free-
from the myths of return,
name and fame.

Translation: Maryam Dilmaghani, July 2006, Montreal.

Sylvia Frances Chan 29 June 2021

1) Farrokhzad's poetry was banned for more than a decade after the Islamic Revolution. A brief literary biography of Forough, Michael Hillmann's A lonely woman:

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 June 2021

2) Forough Farrokhzad and her poetry, was published in 1987. Also about her is a chapter in Farzaneh Milani's work Veils and words: the emerging voices of Iranian women writers (1992)

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Lasaad Tayeb 29 June 2021

Wonderfully penned poem, profound and thought-provoking, I invite you to take a look at my page, I appreciate any feed back. I rated this poem a 5*

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 29 June 2021

A powerful well expressed poem on death. Deeply poignant and touching.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 June 2021

Congratulations being chosen as The Classic Poem Of The Day, true amazing! Having known that she was fighting her life log for women especially in her own country to have the same life as that as their husbands or fellow men

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 June 2021

Continued: LATER ON descibes about that amazingly and yet it seems so peacefully, despite her own life is so turbulent, imaginning residing in her own country, so hard for almost all women.5 Stars Full for this adorning but easeful poem

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 June 2021

A finest but very sad description abouth Death, her death, BUT if you mind that this needs further thinking, then, all things may happen to you, but finally you will die one day,

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