Learning God Poem by Akhtar Jawad

Learning God

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Learning to change myself according to the changed circumstances.
Earth changes with the every new dawn
and buries a sunny day in the twilight of a new dusk.
Remaining a flying bird round the clock is not possible.
Night has a moon and stars and a Milky Way.
I lived like a bird in his nest during a hot and burning day,
now is the time to fly like a night bird in the open skies
glittering stars are enough to lead me to the Milky Way.

Looking at the skies let me bid farewell to this hostile place
earth has now no room for me, I say good bye to it,
and I am prepared for another journey in the endless space
roaming with stars and finding a new galaxy where
night may welcome me with a big and brighter moon.
I shall sleep for thousands of years as nonliving matter and I shall awake with
new face, new heart, new breaths in, new breaths out.
God will be the same but I shall watch him with my new eyes.

"Look at me and let me look at you
either remove the veil from your face or make it transparent
and let me see as to what actually you are,
reply my question, why you are so much slow? "
"Not at all, I respond instantly but you are slow in receiving my signals
I am different for different persons, I am what one believes about me,
Neither I am kind nor I am unkind, I am a reflection of your deeds."
"God! I imagine you as beauty and love, be beautiful and lovely for me! "

Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Khalid Saifullah 18 August 2017

A thoughtful poem full of wisdom....................................................

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Nosheen Irfan 18 August 2017

A very profound write. Full of wisdom. Your words teach a lot. A10.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 17 August 2017

This is wisest step in life to adjust according to change of time and changing self according to circumstances. We perceive change in Earth at time of every new dawn. Imagining beauty of creation we imagine power of God. We love him and feel him. Very beautifully penned poem is shared here. Excellent poem this is.10

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Gloria West 17 August 2017

I liked you poem very much.

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