Let Me Spark! Poem by malini kadir

malini kadir

malini kadir

Nagapatinam, a coastal port, Tamilnadu, India NOW RESIDING IN TRICHY

Let Me Spark!

Rating: 3.4

Let me spark
A fire within you
To light your heart within

Let me add to your dreams
A fire colorful
Still serene; kiss your passions alive!

Let me add oils
To the flames of your ambitions
Making you smiling to double endeavor

Let me glance into your soul
And discover
The magic potion that adds to its tick!

Let me stoic climb the stairs
To reach you every day
Till my dedication lights a spark!

Let me be the stirring emotion
The stirring of your car
To be held en route

Let my very love
Enhance your joys in life
To battle the odds in life!

Let me still be the nail
You drive in
When they finally hang your picture

On the corridors of fame……..

C T Heart 21 December 2008

Beautiful composition, every poetic verses gives meaning to love...a 10++++

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Vinod Kumar 21 January 2009

Devotional Desire......, Thanks 10++

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Dr Antony Theodore 20 December 2015

so much of devotion so much of passion so much of desire so much of committment. very nice malini the poetess. God bless you more and more for such a commitment

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Anil Kumar Panda 13 July 2011

great ink.liked every stanza of it.

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IamNo body 02 June 2010

You sparked a fire within my heart with this poem!

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Aldo Kraas 29 May 2010

Congratulations for writting such a beautiful poem. All the words come together very nicely.

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Bob Bob Bob 11 February 2009

Let me Spark...................is a rare thought process expressed by the Poetess... Be it be a noble teacher/ devoted mother/ good friend/ loyal spouse....... They want their student/ kid/ partner to succeed beyond measures and their contributions will be self effacing/ unconditional/ total..... It is strange and unique bondage between these two.. the Poetess has tried to measure and exemplify.. like saying.... Let me still be the nail..You drive in..When they finally hang your picture..On the corridors of fame…….. Hmm rare tributes to these harbingers of human love and sanity! ! ! !

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malini kadir

malini kadir

Nagapatinam, a coastal port, Tamilnadu, India NOW RESIDING IN TRICHY
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